Funny / Turok
"'Cause I'm a motherfuckin' — BURP! — T-Rex!"

  • The death animation that you get when you die to Thunder in the first game. The way that he eats you is pretty amusing, and the massive burp that he lets out afterwards even more so.
  • There's a glitch in Dinosaur Hunter where, if you finish off the Campaigner with the Minigun, one of Tal'Set's legs will bend backwards at the knee. Cue the escape sequence...
  • The "Tiny Enemy" cheat in the first game is pretty amusing in general, but it has some particularly amusing side-effects with the boss battles:
    • The Longhunter sends what look like remote-controlled toy cars to attack Turok, which still somehow manage to send him flying whenever they drive into him.
    • The start of the Guardian Mantis sees you approach a huge, impressive statue of a mantis... which then explodes to reveal a creature about the size of a cat.
    • Similarly, Thunder is brought up to his boss battle on a moving platform, which usually looks impressive, but with the cheat on it ends up looking like the Campaigner couldn't find anything bigger than a baby T-Rex to send after Turok. On top of that, due to the non-standard death animation not being altered to take account of Thunder's smaller size, it results in Turok screaming like a little girl (for some reason his scream is sped up) before apparently being eaten by some kind of invisible monster.
    • The Campaigner's laugh and taunts come across as much less threatening when they're sped up. Likewise, the death animation you get when he kills you appears to change from the Campaigner killing Turok with a pickaxe to the head to him doing the deed with a Groin Attack.
  • Disco Mode in Dinosaur Hunter. Few things are as funny as watching raptors cutting a rug!