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Awesome: Turok
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
  • Battling Thunder.
  • The ending. (Be warned: the credits afterwards are 9 minutes long.)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
  • If you saved all the Energy Totems, and completed all the Mission Objectives, at the end you get to see the Primagen get blasted to atoms by the Totems.
  • The Cerebral Bore.
    • That video also contains another Awesome/Funny Moment with a Purrlin running around on fire trying to put itself out.
  • The cutscene where you're introduced to the Oblivion Spawn is both awesome and Nightmare Fuel.
    Oblivion: We are the darkness... We are the unseen... WE ARE OBLIVION!

Turok (2008 reboot)
  • Anytime Mama Scarface appears. She doesn't show up often, but when she does, she steals the show...especially when you get to fight her!
    • Finishing her off in the final boss battle: You leap onto the side of her head, slam a knife above her eye, dangle from one hand while you chuck a grenade into her eyeball, and then fall off just before her head explodes.
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