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Funny: ToeJam & Earl
  • Many of the conversations ToeJam and Earl have in the elevator.
    ToeJam: Move over, Earl. (beat) No, the other way!!

    Earl: It's dark. I'm scared.
    Toejam: Get a clue, Earl!

    ToeJam: Stop writing on the walls.
    Earl: OK, I'm sorry.

    ToeJam: What's that smell?
    Earl: Wasn't me.

    Earl: Oops!
    ToeJam: Oh, get a belt, Earl!

    Earl: What does this button do?
    ToeJam: EARL!!!
  • The crazed shopper screaming "SHUT UP!!" to her child.
  • If both characters are on the screen and one sneezes, the other will say "Gesundheit."
  • If ToeJam gets hit with Cupid's arrow, he will in a two-player game confess his love to Earl.
  • Anytime a Chicken Infantry kills another Earthling.
  • Some of the Earthlings' dances when you use the boombox present. The Boogeyman, the Wise Carrot, the Wizard and the Mole are honorable mentions.
  • After you beat the game playing as ToeJam and Earl.
    Earl: Can I drive?
    Toejam: No!
  • At the end, one of the Funkotronians says "Hey, where's my money??"
    • Another tells Earl to get a belt.
  • Pleading with the Funkopotamus to come out in the sequel.
    "Please?" "No." [repeats 15 times]
  • Earl attempting to look as smooth as possible in the intro while Toejam explains that the only reason they're stranded on Earth is because Earl is a terrible driver.

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