Funny: The Weakest Link

  • Contestants seem to love trying to make Anne laugh.
    • In the American version, Carrot Top had been voted out one round, and walked out of nowhere to say he rejoined the show, proceeding to make Anne laugh.
    • One of the earliest (possibly the first) instance of a contestant actually getting Anne to laugh was on the first comedian's special when Rob Schneider said he wanted to get to know the "sexy link." This lead to this exchange when he was voted off.
    Anne: Do you still think I'm sexy?
    Rob: Yes.
    Anne: Good, because I still think you're stupid.
  • The "Puppet" version, wherein Soo delivered a lot of Take That's to everyone else (And Anne), voted for Nev because he needed to book the table on the restaurant, saying she voted for the Leprechauns because they had two brains.
    • Of course, the Leprechauns also said that they only had one brain in between both of them.
    • Zippy got a question wrong. (The answer was Pearl Harbor) and didn't even name an actual port city. Because he was doing all the talking, Anne walked over and zipped his mouth shut so George could say something. When she unzipped Zippy's mouth, she said "This isn't permission to speak", and when Zippy said something, she held up a finger and said "AH!".
    • Most of the stuff Roland the Rat said.
    • Anne says that Jelly and Jackson (who had at that point got all their questions right) knew the answers because they broke into a library at night, they tell her that it's because they live in a library.
  • IN the UK version, one time the contestants begin to vote for one round, and one contestant says a completely different name than what he voted for. (he voted for "Ray", but said, "Elaine".) Anne proceeded to give him a very annoyed look.
  • EVERY interaction between Anne and William Shatner in the special Star Trek episode.
  • The Doctor Who themed episode is full of hilarious moments.
    • K9 is a contestant. Yes, as in the character K9, not the actor who played him. Sadly, because K9 and his various props over the years have a lovely habit of just breaking down willy-nilly and this one was made from a leftover prop dating back to the seventies, the actors were told to vote him off first. And though the rules say you can't put your own name down, K9 still votes himself off.
    • David Tennant introducing himself is funny and adorable.
    David: Hello, my name is David Tennant. I'm 925 years old, and I'm from Gallifrey.
    • They ask Nicholas Briggs (the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen) a question about golf. He dithers for a moment, then lifts up his voice modulator and says "Daleks do not play sports!"
    • John Barrowman leading a rousing rendition of the Doctor Who theme song.
      • To further elaborate, Anne asked him to sing the Dr. Who theme tune. John obliged, then David started joining in with the underlying bass theme. Intercut scenes reveal that John did sing more for Anne.
    • The main cast rigged the votes to knock out all the actors who were just there for Series 2 guest appearances and reduce the group to the big names. Even though the crowd was favorably biased to see Tennant and Barrowman duke it out in the final round, Noel Clark got them voted out so he could stick around for the endgame. And out of all the stars of the 8, Camille Coudri, who plays Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler's saucy mother, ended up being the winner after dodging several rounds of votes aimed at her!
  • Perhaps the ultimate fluff on The Weakest Link came from one Andy Roddick, who panicked and said the awful answer heard round the world.