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YMMV: The Weakest Link

  • Critical Research Failure: "Montreal is the capital of which province in Canada?" According to the show, the answer was "Quebec". Actually, the answer is "none", as the capital of Quebec is "Quebec City".
  • Cult Classic: Despite its short life in America, the show has a noticeable cult following.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Syndicated version host George Gray, who had to follow Mean Brit Anne Robinson, whose previous game was the abysmal Extreme Gong, and whose only notable work since has been announcer on The Price Is Right. Then there are some who think the man's style appears to have helped him redeem himself.
  • What an Idiot: In the 2010 "Sporting Heroes" edition, the collected group of sporting heroes managed to get a chain of seventeen correct answers, and yet nobody thought to bank the huge amount of money they had earned (even though they weren't earning anything extra after the tenth correct answer). Eventually, they lost it all when Alex "Hurricane" Higgins confidently answered "What day comes after Tuesday" with "Sunday!"
    • "What letter is the name for a female sheep?" "Baa?" "...EWE."
    • One contestant confused the motto of Boy Scouts with Alcoholics Anonymous.
    • In the puppet version, Zippy and George (Technically just Zippy as he was the only one talking) knew the answer to the question ("Pearl Harbor") but just messed up anyways.
    • Booker T in the WWE episode, who did so badly that being an idiot became his gimmick in WWE for a while afterwards. Also Kurt Angle, who did statistically better, but took too long to answer some of the questions, including one point where he spends over half a minute saying "uhhh" before giving up, ultimately costing the team a lot of potential money. Big Show also managed to not come up with an answer for "What television show theme has the phrase "A horse is a horse, of course, of course".
    • In one of the West End specials, on the first round, the actress playing Meat was asked this question: "What word is a common abbreviation for the name Michael and the term microphone?" She passes. When Anne tells her "mike", the audience, understandably, laughs.

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