YMMV / The Weakest Link

  • Critical Research Failure: "Montreal is the capital of which province in Canada?" According to the show, the answer was "Quebec". Actually, the answer is "none", as the capital of Quebec is "Quebec City".
  • Cult Classic: Despite its short life in America, the show has a noticeable cult following.
  • Memetic Mutation: "You are the weakest link, goodbye!"
  • Replacement Scrappy: Syndicated version host George Gray, who had to follow Mean Brit Anne Robinson, whose previous game was the abysmal Extreme Gong, and whose only notable work since has been announcer on The Price Is Right. Then there are some who think the man's style appears to have helped him redeem himself. However, because it was a daytime syndicated version, the scope of the top prize was cut down to a tenth of what it used to be and the show was slashed in half to a 30-minute run where the rounds were even shorter, there was less suspense, and the prizes awarded were a lot less substantial, leading to a lot of lukewarm episodes (one of these episodes ultimately awarded only $1,250 total, which also saw two $0 rounds).
  • What An Idiot:
    • In the 2010 "Sporting Heroes" edition, the collected group of sporting heroes managed to get a chain of seventeen correct answers, and yet nobody thought to bank the huge amount of money they had earned (even though they weren't earning anything extra after the tenth correct answer). Eventually, they lost it all when Alex "Hurricane" Higgins confidently answered "What day comes after Tuesday" with "Sunday!"
    • "What letter is the name for a female sheep?" "Baa?" "...EWE." What makes this worse is the look of inquisitive confusion he gives Anne right after she gives the answer, indicating he thought she said "you" and was addressing him.
    • One contestant confused the motto of Boy Scouts with Alcoholics Anonymous. (Although considering the existence of a few really unscrupulous Scoutmasters, some former, shall we say, traumatized Boy Scouts, may have ended up in Alcoholics Anonymous. Or former Boy Scouts may have had a good Scouting experience, then been dealt a bad hand in adulthood and taken up the bottle. Yet the Boy Scouts themselves are still a highly virtuous, goal-driven organization, mind you.)
    • One incident in the George Gray version: A man gets asked this question: "The term Parisian is given to inhabitants of what city?"
      • You'd Expect: The contestant to immediately respond with the obvious answer, Paris.
      • Instead: He hesitates, and then answers with, "Peru" (this is a country, not a city, and on a completely different continent). Cue immediate laughs from the audience. Said contestant finds himself on the wrong end of a unanimous vote from the other 5 players (one of whom was the statistic worst player that round, but she did not receive a gimme question) and George snarks, "As they say in Paris, Adios Amigo! With 5 votes, You Are The Weakest Link, Adios!" Said contestant did not take this well despite the fact that getting a question where the answer is inside the question wrong on The Weakest Link is essentially grounds for disqualification no matter what you do (plus you get a nasty tongue-lashing from the host, whether it be Anne Robinson or George Gray, for it).
    • In the puppet version, Zippy and George (Technically just Zippy as he was the only one talking) knew the answer to the question ("Pearl Harbor") but just messed up anyways.
    • Booker T in the WWE episode, who did so badly that being an idiot became his gimmick in WWE for a while afterwards. Also Kurt Angle, who did statistically better, but took too long to answer some of the questions, including one point where he spends over half a minute saying "uhhh" before giving up, ultimately costing the team a lot of potential money. Big Show also managed to not come up with an answer for "What television show theme has the phrase "A horse is a horse, of course, of course".
    • In one of the West End specials, on the first round, the actress playing Meat was asked this question: "What word is a common abbreviation for the name Michael and the term microphone?" She passes. When Anne tells her "mike", the audience, understandably, laughs.
    • When asked to identify the mascots for Rice Krispies, a contestant guesses "Crispy" and "Crunch"note .
    • "What 'Z' is used to describe a human who has returned from the dead?" "Unicorn."note .
  • The Woobie: It's not hard to feel bad for K9 in the Doctor Who special. He, like everyone else, answers his question correctly, and doesn't really do anything to warrant being voted out. However, come voting time, everyone votes him out. He even says his own name sadly when it gets to him. Unfortunately, the other actors were instructed to vote him out first to ensure that he was removed from the game before he broke down. This is because K9, no matter what prop iteration, seems to malfunction at the drop of a hat. And this has been going on since the Seventies. The prop operators and veteran actors knew from experience to make his appearance short but sweet.