Funny / The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


  • Reepicheep asking to duel Eustace. Seriously.
    • Also a Moment of Awesome when, just before, Reepicheep beats Eustace up with a sword whilst being held upside down by the tail. Reepicheep then chases Eustace around the ship, beating him with the flat of the blade. Oh, yeah: Reepicheep is a TALKING MOUSE. Granted, he's a little bigger than normal, but come on, it's hard to be that Badass while being that size.
  • Even funnier is when Caspian has to threaten to tie Reepicheep up in order to keep him from challenging Dragon Eustace to single combat.
  • The Dufflepuds, especially when they miss Eustace's snarking at them. Also, almost all of their comments.
    So you came over the ocean? Powerful, wet stuff!
    Getting dark, usually does around night.
  • The opening line: "There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it."
  • Reepicheep jumping into the ocean because he thought the mer-king was challenging him — half-awesome, half-hilarious.
  • When Caspian rescues his crew from the slave traders, he learns Eustace was such a grump no one wanted to buy him, even at the lower price the trader could propose. The trader is outright gleeful to foist Eustace on Caspian again.


  • "If it's a distraction, I can change form." "No!!!!!"
  • Just after discovering that Eustace has been turned into a dragon, and that there is no known way to change him back:
    Edmund: (completely deadpan) Aunt Alberta will NOT be pleased.
  • This exchange between Edmund and Eustace:
    Edmund: I have the right to tell your father it was you who stole aunt Alberta's sweets.
    Eustace: Liar!
    Edmund: Oh, really? I found them under your bed. And you know what? I licked every one of them.
    Eustace: Ugh, I'm infected with you!
  • This memorable moment:
    Eustace: (panicked) Now I demand to know what's going on here!
    Reepicheep: (while Eustace is still ranting) Perhaps we could throw him back?
    Lucy: (noticing this) Edmund!
  • Eustace trying to escape from the Lone Islands.
    "You're a boat in a magical land. Can't you row yourself?!"
  • After Eustace has been turned into a dragon.
    Caspian: Everyone knows a dragon's treasure is enchanted.
    Death Glare from Eustace
    Caspian: Well, everyone from here.
  • Eustace accidentally knocks a slave trader into the water.
    Eustace: I hope that wasn't the British Consul!
  • Eustace complains at the thought of being left with Reepicheep.
    Reepicheep: I heard that.
    Eustace: Big ears.
    Reepicheep: I heard that too.
  • When the Dufflepuds become visible again, they keep on threatening the heroes and boasting about how they're vicious, fearsome giants...without realizing that they can be seen again, and look like daft idiots, balancing on each other's shoulders.