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Funny: The 13th Warrior
  • When asked his name, Ahmad includes his full name with all of the "ibn" connectors that are a common feature of names for his people.
    Herger: ...Aben?
    Ahmad: No, no [...] 'ibn' means, "the son of."
    Herger: [to the others] Aben.
  • Herger the Joyful is, by far, the funniest character in the whole film.
    [upon learning that he's going to fight an army of enemy warriors]
    Herger: I'd rather fight a dragon.
  • Herger throws Ahmad a Viking broadsword, which is rather unwieldy for the aristocratic poet:
    Ahmad: I cannot lift this.
    Herger: [holding his arms out in a shrug while smiling] Grow stronger.
  • The whole metal worker scene, starting with Ahmad doing more damage than helping and ending with his flashy moves with his brand new pseudo-scimitar.
    Weath: Give an Arab a sword and he makes a knife!
Weath: When you die, can I give it to my daughter?
  • This gem:
    Ahmad: What happened?
    Herger: An engineering dispute... [camera pans to Herger sharpening his sword and shields laying at his feet]
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