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Funny: The 39 Clues
  • In One False Note Nellie has to distract the cashier at Disco Volante.
    Cashier: "You are a music lover?"
    Nellie: "Nooo... (beat) I'm a kleptomaniac! "
    • It's hilarious in the Audiobook with David Pittu
  • "Stop the madness! My sister is a love alien!" Oh, Dan...
  • "You don't call a ninja lord dweeb! You have disgraced the family! You must commit seppuku!" (Dan again.)
  • Isabel in The Medusa Plot. "Well, look who finally remembered he has a mother!" It sounds like she's saying "I know I tried to kill you, your sister and the rest of the family, but would it hurt to call sometimes?!"
  • The Sword Thief:
    Amy: I love you, Dan, you're a genius!
    Dan: (glares) Did Ian drug you?
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