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Awesome: The 39 Clues
  • Ummm... ALL of book 10?
  • Dan using what he learned from the monks in Book 8. Dan knows karate.
  • When Amy kicks Ian in the shin in Book 5 the first time she sees him after he betrays her. Let's face it: it serves him right.
  • Nellie's driving.
  • And NO ONE has mentioned Dan's CMOA in Book 8? When the Jonah Wizard and his parents try to tell Dan that he's a Janus, Dan yells, "I'm a Madrigal!" at the top of his lungs. That may not seem so impressive, but when you read the book and realize that he's doing this to show the Wizards that he's a wild card, that they don't own him, coupled with the awesome writing...
  • Amy smashing the master serum vial over Isabel's head.
    Amy: Don't hurt anyone in my family ever again!
  • Isabel drinking the master serum in Day of Doom after her daughter's death, utterly pwning every Vesper in the room, then going down in a blaze of glory by defeating Damien Vesper. Just... wow.

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