[[folder:Series 1: The Clue Hunt]]
''[[AC:3 - The Sword Thief]]''
* [[BadassDriver Nellie's driving.]]

''[[AC:5 - The Black Circle]]''
* When Amy kicks Ian in the shin, during the first time she sees him after [[IWasOnlyPretendingToLikeYou he betrays her]]. Let's face it: it serves him right for being a backstabber.

''[[AC:8 - The Emperor's Code]]''
* Dan using what he learned from the monks: [[IKnowKarate karate.]]
* And NO ONE has mentioned another of Dan's SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome? When the Jonah Wizard and his parents try to tell Dan that he's a Janus, Dan yells, "[[spoiler:I'm a Madrigal!]]" at the top of his lungs. That may not seem so impressive, but when you read the book and realise that he's doing this to show the Wizards that he's a wild card, that they don't own him, coupled with the awesome writing...

''[[AC:10 - Into the Gauntlet]]''
* Ummm... ALL of it?
** Especially when [[ShrinkingViolet Amy]] smashes the master serum vial over [[spoiler:Isabel's]] head.
-->'''Amy''': Don't hurt anyone in my family ever again!

[[folder:Series 2: Cahills vs Vespers]]
''[[AC:6 - Day of Doom]]
* [[spoiler: Isabel drinking the master serum after her daughter's death, utterly pwning every Vesper in the room, then going down in a blaze of glory by defeating Damien Vesper III. Just... wow]].