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Everyone dies.

The series appears to be on its way to this, and we've already seen several examples.
  • What!!! But it's a book aimed at kids. I don't think they can do that :O
  • Jossed. Amy, Dan, Natalie, Ian, Alistair, Jonah, Sinead, Ned, and Isabel all make it out of the gauntlet alive.
  • Now that the second series is up and running, I'd like to resurrect this WMG and apply it to that. Sure, it's not probable given the target age group, but it's certainly possible.
    • As of Trust No One, Alistair Oh has been Killed Off for Real, so it certainly is possible.
    • In Day of Doom, Natalie Kabra and Evan Tolliver are killed on the side of the heroes. Both Isabel Kabra and Damien Vesper die on the villains' side, but other characters survive, so this theory has been Jossed again, but...
  • This could still happen in the third series. The second series was Darker and Edgier than the first, and the authors are probably going to want to raise the stakes even further for the new one.

Arthur Trent is Vesper 2
As stated in book 2 of Cahills vs. Vespers, he is still alive and Vesper 2 makes a statement about being able to turn Dan and the ties of blood working in their favor.
  • Jossed. He is a suspect, but Mission 5 reveals Vesper Two to be Isabel Kabra.

Broderick T. Wizard is/was a Vesper.
It's possible he met Cora Wizard,fell in love with her and married into the Cahill family, like Arthur and Hope ( and Arthur was a Vesper). Let's not forget the clues Grace left on his cards...
  • This is really popular fanon, and I for one support this theory.

Isabel Kabra is a Vesper.
Her maiden name is Vesper-Hollingsworth after all. But it makes the suggestion that the Vespers make her look like Mother Theresa an odd thing to say if she's really a Vesper.
  • Unless the Madrigals simply aren't aware that she is one...
  • Didn't that one get confirmed? Unless I haven't read the books attentively enough... But it's on the wiki...
  • Well, it hasn't actually been confirmed, but it's been heavily implied that she's a Vesper, or at least involved with them.
  • Proven true. In fact, Mission 5 reveals her to be Vesper Two, The Shield.

In Book #3 of "Cahills Vs Vespers", will be a secret code that once decoded will read: Madeline finish it.
  • In the Black Circle, they were secret code that revealed two secret message: "Olivia had another" and "Remember Madeline.". This was revealed to Madeline Cahill, the fifth child of Gideon and Olivia Cahill, and founder of the Madrigals. Since half of 10 is 5 and half is 6 is 3. Book #3 should logical where this code will be hidden. It is the Gideon Cahill's second version of Master Serum.

Evan Tolliver will turn out to be a Vesper agent.
  • Let's face it: Amy's been screwed over by love before, we've never heard of Evan until Cahills vs. Vespers, and the theme of the series is "trust no one." There's a pretty good chance.
  • By the time the first two books in Cahills vs. Vespers are finished, it's been made pretty clear that Evan truly had no clue that Cahills were a special family, so he can't be a Vesper agent. However, that doesn't mean he can't be turned to the dark side...
  • Evan is not turned to the dark side. He's actually killed in Day of Doom while fighting alongside the Cahills.

Grace Cahill was a Timelady.
  • First of all, it seems mysterious how nearly every major historical figure for the last bunch of centuries had helped set up a competition, when a single mishap could have ruined it all. Second, the Cahills seem way too spread out, even with the children moving around. Obviously, Grace's secret library would have been her Tardis.

Arthur Trent and Damien Vesper are the same person.
  • The Black Book of Buried Secrets confirmed that the Trent family has close ties to the Vespers, right? What could be closer than being Damien himself? (Before anyone asks- yes, Arthur is still alive. Read A King's Ransom for details.)
    • Although there's also Dave Speminer to think about...
    • The three of them are ALL the same person. And that person is Vesper 1.
    • In Trust No One, it's hinted at that Dave Speminer truly is Vesper One, although by that time, there has been a code in one of the books that states that "the father is dead," which may or may not be referring to Arthur.
    • Arthur is not V1; the texts from "AJT" were actually from Isabel Kabra, Vesper Two.

At the end of Cahills vs. Vespers, Amy will handle her tangled relationships by...
  • ...telling all three prospective guys to leave her alone to cool down for at least a few months. Not only is this arguably the most logical choice, it won't severely upset many fans, while at the same time will avoid promoting breaking up with a nice person in order to get with your Tall, Dark, and Handsome stalker (said message would definitely not be met by approval from parents and older readers).
    • Jossed. Actually, Evan is killed, and for now, she is with Jake.

Arthur is trying to go back in time to save Hope.
  • It's been implied that the Vespers' goal is time travel and that Arthur is alive. If both are true, Arthur may have been hiding all this time and aiding the Vespers in order to gain the means to go back in time and save Hope. It would explain why the person claiming to be him says that "What appears to be cruelty is kindness," because if Hope doesn't die, a lot of his childrens' pain would be erased, so to him, the bad stuff the Vespers do would be more than justified.
    • Jossed. He is dead for real.

Sinead Starling is Vesper 3.
  • As the fandom has discovered over the past few weeks, the cover of the Trust No One audiobook advertises a bonus scene wherein Sinead is forced to prove her loyalty to the Vespers. This means that Sinead is definitely a prime candidate for the position, especially since it's doubtful that Evan or Ian is Vesper 3 (both have had point-of-view chapters that clearly showed that neither one of them was involved with the Vespers). Add the aforementioned spoiler to the fact that Sinead seems to be very bent on persuading Amy that Ian is the Vesper mole, and you get some rather solid evidence that points to this possibility.
    • Proven true. Cahills vs. Vespers Mission 4 reveals that Sinead is indeed Vesper 3, the Mole.

Vesper One is Damien Vesper, and Dave Speminer and Arthur Trent are aliases.
  • There is actually some evidence to this. A code in The Medusa Plot says "Damien is alive", one in Trust No One says simply, "Damien Vesper", and of course, Dave Speminer is an anagram of his name, and it's virtually confirmed in Rapid Files that Vesper One poisioned Astrid Rosenbloom personally. And Dave was a close friend. I don't think that Arthur Trent himself was V1, I just think V1 posed as him at one point. One phrase on the cards' "star map" says "Arthur Trent is dead", and a code in Trust No One says "The father is dead", so it's heavily implied that AJT's messages are a Red Herring.
And because of V1's statement at the end of The Medusa Plot that he has had "many aliases", for all we know, any number of minor characters could be V1.
  • The "AJT" texts were actually sent by Isabel.