Funny / The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

  • In "The Scare Up There", Granny picks up a packet of airline peanuts, only to have a bunch of soldiers glower at her. She sheepishly puts the packet back down.
  • In "If It's Wednesday, This Must Be Holland", Granny asks several farmers if she's on the right path for the bike race. Most of them do not speak English and are given subtitles that basically say that they know nothing that can help her, but the last one interrupts Granny's question and answers it, then asks Granny if she thought that nobody in Holland spoke English.
  • "Keep Your Pantheon"
    • Tweety finds a statue of Kool Kat wearing a fig leaf and remarks that the Ancient Greeks must not have had a lot of wardrobe back then. The Kool Kat statue then blushes.
    • Zeus being a caricature of Charlton Heston.
  • Granny doing the "cuckoo" gesture when the villain explains his plan to use Michigan J. Frog to create a hair tonic in "Froggone It".
  • Hector, Pjerry Nelsson's defendant, and the jury giving Pjerry puppy dog eyes when he refuses to share his food in "A Case of Red Herring".
  • Most of "Suite Mystery of Wife" is Deliberately Monochrome, but at one point Tweety turns on a color switch reading "Out of Order", which causes everything to have abnormal coloring. The icing is when Granny freaks out about this.
  • Tweety bugging Sylvester about how he has to be good to get presents in "Feather Christmas".
  • In "A Fist Full of Lutefisk", the giant that stole all the lutefisk becomes wise towards Granny's attempts to deceive him.
    Giant: You can't fool me, 'cause I'm a moron!
  • In "Son of Roswell That Ends Well", Sylvester sneaks past Hector to try and eat Tweety while calling him a stupid dog. Tweety then yells "Oh, stupid dog", which gets Hector's attention and causes him to attack Sylvester.
  • Tweety's Aside Glance when Granny remarks that Shorty Twang put the twang in country music in "Whatever Happened to Shorty Twang?"
  • In "A Big Knight Out", Granny states that she's certain a knight in squeaky armor is the suspect because the squeaking is an obvious indication that he's up to no good. Hector shows Tweety a picture of a pot with a crack in it and the two then laugh.
  • In "When Harry Met Salieri", Granny gets Sylvester to behave by threatening to send him to the kennel with Hector. This causes Sylvester to crawl around on all fours and meekly say "meow" repeatedly. Tweety asks Sylvester to speak to him and Sylvester replies with "The kennel", which causes Tweety to sympathetically respond with "Enough said".
  • In "Dial V for Veterinarian", Sylvester is worried about the vet assigned to him opening drawers and pulling out surgical tools while looking for something he's going to give Sylvester. After Sylvester flees for his life, it turns out the vet was only going to give Sylvester a fish.