Funny / SWAT Kats

  • From "Chaos In Crystal", among the fancifully named weapons, such as "Slicer Missile", "Banshee Missile" etc... is a button marked "Plain Old Missile". It has "From Razor With Love!" written on it.
  • "It's good to see something non-metallic. Even you."
  • From "Cry Turmoil":
    T-Bone: Hey, what took you so long?
    Razor: Didja have to kick me so hard?
  • In, "Mutation City" T-Bone falls off of their vehicles and into the flooded mutation city. Razor prepares to dive in while saying, "T-Bone, if you drown, I'll kill you."
    T-Bone: What do you think I am, stupid?
    Razor: Bingo!
  • In "Chaos in Crystal," when Shard shoots down the Kat's Eye News helicopter:
    Shard: No interviews!
  • In "Katastrophe", there was this little gem:
    • (Razor accidentally smacks T-Bone in the head while calibrating the cement gun on the TurboKat when Callie calls)
    Callie: He (Feral) still doesn't, so be careful. Feral's after your heads.
    T-Bone: So's Razor.
  • In the very first episode. "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice", he briefly rummages through Callie's purse while at the museum; he finds a tube of lipstick, then eats it. Plus Feral's comment- "Throw a net over that guy!"
    • And before that, the immortal line from the Enforcer pilots: "You have the right to remain buried!"
    • And the exchange with Mayor Manx's reaction to this latest crisis:
    Manx: (on phone with Feral) You won't do anything to my city hall until I find out who this kat is and what he wants! (hangs up)
    Callie: He's an 800-year old sorcerer with a mystical spellbook!
    Manx: Perfect.
  • Feral's unimpressed responses to Steele's sucking up in "The Wrath of Dark Kat":
    Feral: If I don't come back, you're in command, Lieutenant.
    Steele: I'm hardly worthy, Commander...!
    Feral: You can say that again.
    Razor: Piece of cake, just remember, "always cut the red wire." [opens the bomb, sees they're all red] Augh, Dark Kat, you miserable psycho!
  • From "The Metallikats", Chance is busy trying to watch a "Scaredy Kat" marathon while Jake is trying to tell him about the Metallikats going after Mayor Manx- when he mentions Callie might be danger, Chance continues laughing, then he stops- a Beat, then Toon Physics kicks in, he runs off screen and is instantly suited up in his flight suit.
  • The revelation about Morbulus in "The Giant Bacteria":
    Razor: Whoa, he does have eyes in the back of his head!
    T-Bone: No excuses...!