Funny / The Sound of Music

  • When Georg tells the children that Uncle Max will be coming back with him, he is quite clearly rolling his eyes.
  • When the Von Trapp kids play catch with the baroness, the baroness gets hit in the crotch with a ball.
  • "Reverend Mother, I have sinned..."
  • After the Captain asks Maria why she still has her dress if all her clothes were given to the poor: "The poor didn't want this one."
    • In the same scene: "Were you this much trouble at the Abbey?" "Oh, much more, sir."
    • Also, "I won't have to whistle for them, Reverend Captain—I mean—"
  • This exchange:
    Captain [with barely restrained anger]: Are you telling me my children have been running around Salzburg dressed in nothing but some old drapes?!?
    Maria [grinning from ear-to-ear]: Mmhmm! And having a marvelous time!
  • "I am not finished, Captain—" "Oh yes YOU ARE, CAPTAIN... Fraulein."
  • "...and THESE... are my children."
  • "Fraulein, is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you intend on leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of... indigestion?"
    "Oh, they're all right, Captain. They're just happy..." (cue mass bawling)
  • Kurt reprimanding Brigitta for calling Maria's dress the ugliest one they ever saw, since one of their previous governesses wore an even uglier one.
  • "Will father approve of this?"
    "Of course [...] Don't you trust me?"
    "You're a very intelligent girl."
  • "So long! Farewell! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen!"
    "I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne! Yes?"
    Liesl's pouting face afterwards.
  • "...Excuse me, sir. I don't know your signal."
  • "They weren't blueberries sir, they were strawberries! It's been so cold lately they turned blue." Then the "Did I really just say that?" look on Friedrich's face directly afterwards.
  • When Maria asks Gretel how she hurt her finger: "It got caught!" "Caught in what?" "Friedrich's teeth!"
  • "You know how Sister Berthe always makes me kiss the floor after we've had a disagreement? Well, lately I've taken to kissing the floor when I see her coming just to save time."
    • In the film, the Reverend Mother clearly has to resist the urge to Face Palm.
  • "Hello! Here I am!"
    "I'm from the convent - I'm the new governess, Captain."
    "And I'm the old butler, Fraulein."
  • The Captain and the Baroness pass by some children up trees dressed in matching outfits. She asks what on earth is going on, to which he replies, "It's nothing. Just some local urchins."
  • "God bless what's-his-name."
    • It comes to her later: "KURT! That's the one I left out! God bless Kurt!" *BOOM*
  • When Kurt introduces himself as "incorrigible", Maria responds with "Congratulations"...which is funnier when you realise what incorrigible actually means (uncontrollable or firmly fixed in their ways)
  • Maria stops in the middle of her own musical number when she sees the size of the house. Julie Andrews's delivery of "Oh, help" is priceless.
  • Remember how Maria said nuns' worldly clothes are given to the poor when they join the convent? At the opening of the scene where Reverend Mother convinces Maria to return to the Von Trapps, she has just finished admitting a new postulant, and sends her to change into her robes. In the next scene, when Maria returns to the Von Trapps, she's wearing the dress that new postulant gave up!
  • After Liesl casually mentions that Louisa can make the climb up to the governess' room with a whole jar of spiders in her hand, Maria reacts brilliantly. Despite having a heart-to-heart with Liesl, she spends the rest of the scene sneakily checking under her bed clothes for anything. She jumps when she does find something... but it turns out to be a slipper.
  • Somewhat "meta" here, but hearing the nuns complain about Maria "singing in the abbey" becomes about five times funnier when you realise that this complaint is expressed through song, while they're in the abbey.
  • Brigitta's blunt honesty throughout the film is priceless.
  • When the children and Maria discuss who should sing next, Maria then presents her guitar to the Captain. The look on his face is utterly priceless.
  • The Salzburg Marionette Theatre premiered a puppet version of The Sound of Music in 2007. Among other changes, "The Lonely Goatherd" plays during the curtain which the puppeteers operate marionettes of the Von Trapps operating marionettes of the characters in the song.