Heartwarming / The Sound of Music

  • When Captain von Trapp joins in the children singing for the baroness, and then the big group hug that follows.
    • Gretel giving the Baroness eidelweiss after the little performance. She's clearly charmed by the gesture.
  • In the stage musical, Baroness Schneider bonding with the children and encouraging them to sing at the party. She also makes it clear that she loves Captain Von Trapp, and is heartbroken that they don't share the same political views.
  • Max stalling for time at the Music Festival to allow the Von Trapps to escape, after spending the whole musical warning Captain Von Trapp to accept the regime. He also gets along very well with the children and pegs their musical talent.
  • All the nuns who lamented Maria's unsuitability for the convent gathered to bless her before her wedding, and smile happily as they watch her get married.
  • Reverend Mother assuring Maria that love of a man and a woman is holy and blessed.
    My daughter, if you love this man, it doesn't mean you love God less.
  • "Climb Ev'ry Mountain". Everything about that song is just beautiful!
  • The children start singing "My Favourite Things, and Gretel asks "Why don't I feel better?". They keep singing, then they hear Maria's voice and run to her.
  • Maria and Liesl bonding; both when Liesl is warming to the idea of Maria as her governess, and when she asking her advice as her new mother.
    • And a Deleted Scene would have had them bumping into Rolf in town. Maria would introduce herself as "Liesl's friend" rather than her governess.
  • At the beginning of the film, although we don't see them interacting, it's clear that Maria infuriates Sister Berthe; at any rate, the Sister certainly doesn't think Maria is suited to life in the abbey. At the end, though, she takes a huge risk in helping to sabotage the Nazis' cars - without batting an eyelid - in order to help Maria and her new family escape.
  • If you are more familiar with the film and Rolf's betrayal of the von Trapps, the fact that he actually protects the family in the stage musical and allows them to escape comes across as this.
  • When Georg says, "Fraulein, I want you to stay. I ask you to stay." It's the way he says it. This is the closest to begging that he's likely to get, and Maria knows it.
  • As Georg sings "Edelweiss" at the music festival, he's so overcome his voice utterly falters, so Maria and the family join their voices to his and prompt the audience to join in, including a Nazi officer.
  • A small one, but when Brigitta insults Maria's dress when they first meet, Kurt sticks up for Maria. It's more of a funny moment in the movie version, since he adds that another governess' dress was "ugliest"; whereas in the stage version, he simply admonishes his sister and says that he wouldn't say so if he thought Maria's dress was ugly.
    • In the stage version, he also protests at Louisa's attempts to turn Maria against their father, stating outrightly that he likes her.
  • Another small one but when Maria tells Reverend Mother she left because she was frightened, Reverend Mother asks "were they unkind to you?" in a tone that suggests she is very protective of the women in the convent.
  • It's a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but during the festival reprise of "Do-Re-Mi", Georg and Maria are visibly worried. Then they make eye contact over the children's heads; he nods, she smiles, and they sing with renewed joy and confidence. It's a lovely demonstration of how they support and rely on each other, no matter what's happening.