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Headscratchers: The Sound of Music
  • How did 10 people (Captain, Maria, the children and Uncle Max) fit into the 5-seater car? The Captain obviously drives while the youngest sits on Maria's lap on the seat beside his...that's 3 out of 10. Did they pile two people on top of someone on the back? Or stuff someone in the trunk?
    • Unless you consider that Maria could've been holding Marta and Gretl (one arm around/across each. That's 4 out of 10.) Liesl could've had Brigitta, who's 10, on her lap also. Or Louisa takes Brigitta, Marta goes with Liesl. At any rate, nobody said escaping a soon-to-be-fascist country in a 5-seater was a picnic.
      • Could Maria even handle having two kids on her lap without going numb? I saw Gretl on Maria's lap at one point, and nobody on the Captain's. Maybe four people (Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Max) squished into the three-seat space at the back, and the remaining three took three out of the four laps? Would Kurt sit on Max's lap?
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