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Headscratchers: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Considering that there were evil sorcerers before Morgana, and by extension good sorcerers before Merlin, why are the sorcerers before them also split into merlinians and morganians? How does that make sense when there is an evil sorcerer in Egypt who by some strange loop follows the path of a person who did not exist at the time ?
  • So a college junior gets the funding and permission to rent a subway turnaround, turn it into a lab, and build a bunch of Tesla coils (which he doesn't seem to use for anything but the world's biggest plasma speaker) all without any sort of supervision whatsoever.
  • Abigail Williams. You have everything for a great enemy. Creepy little girl, glowing eyes, pentagram pendant, historical backstory...and she gets two scenes before ZAP and done.
    • The movie suffered from under-utilized villains in general, but Abigail stands the shining example. Nearest I can figure the writers wanted to add more evil sorcerers to the Grimhold and really wanted to include a Salem Witch Trial reference. The thing they seemed to lack some crucial element (time, budget, and writing skill) to actually integrate her into the story so sadly her role was pretty much tacked on just before the climax.
      • It would have been cool is she had used some sort of mass paranoia spell to mess with Dave and Balthazar and try and delay them, or maybe turned Becky against Dave to demoralize him. Even if Horvath needed her power to release Morgana, it wasn't necessary until he actually had the Grimhold and all his pieces were in place.
  • Blake taking offence at the "old man shoes" comment. He's more than a thousand years old.
  • The out of control mop scene had to take place, obviously. But, nothing had been said before that scene to suggest it was possible. Dave was having trouble creating plasma balls, and suddenly he can give mops self-awareness, and also allow them to continue a task that he couldn't stop? It was funny, but didn't make sense in the context of what we had seen before.
    • I think the movie could have done without the scene. There really wasn't any need to tie it in to the Fantasia segment, even if they wanted to keep the name (I didn't instantly think of Mickey and the mops when I first heard the name) How much of their primary audience has actually seen Fantasia anyway? I think we would have been better off seeing a montage of him actually learning to use his magic, so him busting out at the end would be a bit more believable.
  • Why is it that after over a millennium Balthazar only trapped 3 Morganians in the Grimhold? The way the prologue explained it I thought there would be at least 5.
  • They didn't include the original Dukas Sorcerer's Apprentice piece in its entirety. Not even in the credits where it would make the most sense. They barely had snippets of it in the film. WHAT THE #$@$#@?!!!!!
    • Yeah, this one seriously made me unhappy. C'mon, why not at least in the credits somewhere??
  • Okay...'takes deep breath'...WHAT THE HELL DID BECKY DO?! I mean, seriously, other than to be pretty, get kidnapped once, and then kiss our hero at the end (no, not Nicolas Cage), what was the purpose of her character? I mean, if she had been a lifelong FRIEND of Dave's who helped him with his science stuff and was in on the sorcery from the beginning, but secretly harbored romantic feelings for him that he doesn't know about or reciprocate until the end of the movie after she, I don't know, does something for the good of the cause that puts her in danger, making him realize she's been there all along...anyways, if THAT happened...well, it'd still be infuriating as hell for being clichéd and predictable. BUT IT'D BE BETTER THAN WHAT BECKY DID IN THE MOVIE...WHICH WAS NOTHING! ...Sorry...unbridled rage for a moment.
    • She also broke Morgana's spell by moving the... whatever it was (I don't remember. Antenna?), preventing her from raising the dead. Just a tiny little thing. Other than that, well, she was just supposed to be the hero's love interest, not a major heroine or anything, and I think she was good enough in that role. Perhaps she wasn't an awesome, fascinating character with a unique personality and such, but not every character has to be.
    • The problem with her moving Chekhov's Gun is it felt too tacked on. "Hey, writers, maybe we should try to give the blonde some sort of purpose in the climax, so she doesn't come off as one of those characters who would serve no purpose otherwise. Oh, I know! She can move the plot point in the end!"
  • Why does Balthazar keep that ridiculous hairstyle? We saw him with considerably saner hair at several points in the opening narration, and the policeman scene clearly shows that he can change it at will. Did he get tired of blending in?
  • In the car chase, Horvath uses the mirror dimension trick to try to trap Dave and Balthazar, who escape through another reflective surface (I think it was a window). That part works. What I'm wondering is why, earlier in the film when Balthazar traps Horvath in the bathroom mirror, Horvath seems to require the assistance of the other sorcerer (whose name escapes me at the moment) to get him out. You think he'd be able to get back out through the mirror, because it is a reflective surface.
    • In that case, why didn't Horvath find another reflective surface instead of waiting for Drake to get him out? It probably would've been quicker.
  • Veronica. Okay, apologies in advance for the length of this.
    • On the one hand, pretty damn cool she did a Heroic Sacrifice by pulling a reverse Grand Theft Me on Morgana and then allowing herself to be sealed in the Grimhold. She also provided a sympathetic backstory for Balthazar, whose love for her was a Foil to Dave and Becky's (whether either was convincing is a separate matter—maybe they were equally a Satellite Love Interest) and showed Balthazar really did understand how Dave felt, and she acted as a parallel to Dave through her I Just Want to Be Normal desire.
    • On the other hand, she provides the excuse for Horvath to go evil thanks to the Love Triangle, and once freed from Morgana's possession was reduced to only a cowering Distressed Damsel. Okay, she'd been trapped in the Grimhold for centuries while also possessed by Morgana, so you'd imagine that she'd be a little weak/drained/out-of-sorts when she got out, as well out-of-practice magically. But she was supposed to be an apprentice to freakin' Merlin. Balthazar and Horvath are portrayed as fiendishly powerful, and so is Dave as the Prime Merlinean, but other than her being "the only sorcerer to have successfully done the human fusion spell" her magic acts otherwise as an Informed Ability.
  • So, seems like the New York City skyline has not really changed that much between 2000 and 2010 in the movie?
  • When he's down in his lab, he closes the door to his little Faraday Cage control room there on the floor. Then he turns on the Radio.
  • I may be missing something here, but what happened to Drake and Abigail? I know that Horvath used the Parasite Spell to drain their powers, and according to The Other Wiki, that killed them. But if that's the case, what happened to their bodies? When Balthazar enters Drake's office (when he finds the Persian quick-rug) where we saw Horvath use the spell a few scenes earlier, Drake is nowhere to be seen. Same thing when Dave finds the Grimhold - no Abigail. Did they turn to dust? Are their bodies still in Drake's apartment for Drake's unsuspecting maid to find? It really annoys me that both of them just vanish when it would have been incredibly simple to show them turning to dust or something.
    • Either Horvath destroyed the bodies (simple enough for someone who can rearrange matter), or he just moved them out of the way, and you're right, they'll probably be found later. Headline: Stage magician dies in perverted suicide pact with underage girl!
  • If all wizards except the Prime Merlinean need their rings to cast magic, then why doesn't Horvath take Balthazar's ring during one of the many times he has him at his mercy?
  • Three major things within the first half hour. One, why after being released, did Horvath resemble a 1920's gangster since he was sealed since Arthurian times? Two, how did Dave get a bunch of Tesla Coils and a huge laboratory on a presumably small salary? Three, Horvath goes after the Grimhold in Chinatown because an Asian man picks it up. Not like he was a tourist, but he was just Asian. Also how does he know what China Town is?

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