Heartwarming / The Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • A small moment early in the film has Horvath summon some wolves from several photographs to seek out and attack Dave. When Balthazar arrives he turns the wolves into harmless puppies. Just before he and Dave escape, Balthazar sees a train coming and returns the pups to their photos before they are run over by the oncoming train.
  • Dave using his Tesla Coils to play music for Becky. It's surprisingly touching.
    Becky: You did listen to my show!
    • And him saying that he never thought about the unintentional beauty of the electricity until he met her. He says it in a perfect bashful-nerd sort of way.
  • After Dave gives Horvath his ring in order to save Becky, he tries to apologize to Balthazar. However, rather than reprimand Dave, Balthazar reassures him that he would've done the same thing.
  • Dave saving Balthazar and giving him Veronica's necklace.
  • Balthazar having kept Veronica's necklace for centuries, holding on to the hope that he will save Veronica.