Funny / The Pacific

  • On Guadalcanal, after the Marines are stealing supplies and stuff from the Army during an air raid, one of the NCOs shown talking to Leckie over an Army Captain's stolen shoes...turns out also to have stolen from them, in this case bottles of whiskey.
  • Sledge is training at boot camp with a mortar and fires it short, killing two friendly Marine dummies. His Gunnery Sergeant starts yelling at him:
    "What happened, Sledge? You find out "Bob" was drilling your girlfriend? "Dave" wouldn't give you any more hand jobs? What was it?!"
  • "Tojo and Fuck Face!"
  • In Part 1, a brief bit of downtime lets the Marines enjoy some letters from home. Leckie's folks ask if he wants his dress blues shipped to the front. The men laugh at the absurdity of dress balls at a time like this:
    Bud "Runner" Conley: Hey, if we do have a ball, can I be your date?
    Leckie: You are ugly. I want Hoosier.
    Hoosier: [nonchalant] Take a number.
  • Gunny Haney's "Woof" in Part 6, after stating there was no way a dog could alert the Marines to the Japanese before he could. He even managed to make the Marines crack up.
    Snafu: (laughing) What the fuck was that?
    • From Episode 5, it starts raining and Gunny Haney decides to take a shower outside. He starts waxing philosophically about the strength of the Corps...then it stops raining before he can rinse.
  • No love for the rousing rendition of "How fucked are you now?" from Part 1 to the tune of "Happy Birthday to You"?
  • In Part 2, Leckie steals some canned peaches for the squad. Unfortunately, he eats too fast and then vomits, leading to this exchange:
    Runner (While Leckie vomits): "Peaches". Your new name is "Peaches".
    Leckie (Gagging/laughing): Fuck you!
    Runner: You got it, Peaches!
  • In Part 7, Jay De L'Eau sits down by a cave entrance to take care of his business. His encounter with the two Japanese soldiers hiding inside turns into a morbid CMoF:
    Jay: I shit my pants! Those bastards made me shit myself!
    Snafu: You left a trail, boy. They're gonna find us for sure now.
  • In Part 10, after serving an additional six months, Burgin, Snafu and Sledge are on a train home together. Snafu hits on a female passenger with this gem, only to be promptly slapped for his efforts:
    Snafu: How 'bout I take you to the back of the train and you show me your caboose?
    • "feisty!"
  • Leckie: "You know why I fought? [beat] Television."
  • In Part 3, the ridiculously hungover marines are awakened with a reveille and summoned to morning roll call, and one of them awesomely faceplants onto the ground. The equally nauseated CO just mumbles "company dismissed" in response.
  • Back on Peleliu:
    Snafu: Ain't supposed to write that shit down. Gives the Japs valuable intel if they find it.
    Sledge: Guess I won't show it to them then.
  • In Part 3, the Marines go on leave in Australia, allowing them to cut loose, with hilarious results.
  • John Basilone almost throwing up on his own Medal of Honor citation
  • When Snafu makes a lewd comment about Peck's picture, Sledge reprimands him for talking about a man's wife that way... then looks at the picture and promptly says "I'd marry her."