Awesome / The Pacific

  • The Battle of the Tenaru River/Battle of Alligator Creek qualifies as this.
  • Basilone holding the line by using a 33-pound crew served machine gun as a personal weapon to hold off a Japanese attack in Part 2. Since the gun was designed to be fired with a tripod, he ended up getting second-degree burns on his hand and arm while holding it, since it lacked the grips to be used in this manner and he'd lost the arm-mitten that crews use to insulate the heat while moving the gun. What's more, his comrades are just dumbstruck he's holding the line by himself; the only sound of gunfire at that moment is the one from Basilone's machine gun. This is what got him the Medal of Honor, and the series actually down-played what this guy did to keep the episode from going too long. In Real Life Basilone held his position for THREE DAYS. No food and no sleep. And he did it while running back and forth between several different positions because all of the gun crews had been killed.

  • The "Slap a Jap" speech. Basilone overhears one of the men talking down about the enemy and gives him a reality check; "So that's what the enemy is to you, huh? A fucking buck toothed cartoon, dreamed up by some asshole on Madison Avenue to sell soap? Well let me tell you something. The "Jap" I know, the Japanese soldier, he has been at war since you were in FUCKING DIAPERS! He's a combat veteran, a master with his weapon. He can live off of maggoty rice and mudder water for weeks, and endure the kind of misery you couldn't dream up in your worst nightmare. The japanese soldier doesn't care if he gets hurt or killed, as long as he kills you. Now you can call him whatever you want. But never, ever, FAIL to respect his desire to put you and your buddies into an early grave. IS THAT CLEAR!?"