Funny / The Pajanimals

  • Bedtime Bunny. She's always getting shocked awake by the Pajanimals, or falling asleep mid-sentence.
  • Squacky. Here's an example from "Try and Try again":
    Apollo: Why do you like running in circles so much?
    Squacky: Because it makes me feel dizzy! Whoa! (Falls over)
    Sweetpea Sue: Make sense. Kind of...
  • And another:
    Sweetpea Sue: I can't wait to try swinging a bat!
    Cowbella: I can't wait to shout "steeerike!"
    Squacky: And I can't wait to eat pudding!
    Sweetpea Sue: What does pudding have to do with baseball?
    Squacky: Nothing. I just like it!
  • Squacky in the original "Stick to the Plan" and the reactions he inspires in the other Pajanimals, particularly Apollo, as he gets up again over and over when they're all supposed to be sleeping.
  • "Pajanimal Dance Party"
    Apollo: All you need to do is say the magic words.
    Squacky: Fish noodles.
    Cowbella: I think he means "I'm sorry."
  • Squacky's game "Squack-a-lack-a-ding-dong" in "The Cow's Meow." It consists of throwing a blanket on someone's head, that person saying "Squack-a-lack-a-ding-dong" and that's it.