Funny / Pair of Kings

  • Two words. angry amnesia.
  • This exchange between Brady and Boomer from "Tome Deaf Jam":
    Boomer: How about whatever Brady says, I say the opposite.
    Brady: Don't do that.
    Boomer: And the opposite would be do that.
    Brady: Stop it.
    Boomer: Start it.
    Brady: Knock it off.
    Boomer: Knock it on.
    Brady: I'm going to the dungeon.
    Boomer: I'm going to the dunge-out.
    Brady: You're smart.
    Boomer: I'm dumb. I could do this all day!
  • This exchange after Brady and Boomer chase each other around (for reasons I can't remember) and end up in the throne room, out of breath and panting:
    Brady: (panting) It-it's the high alltitude.
    Boomer: (also panting,and pointing out the window at the ocean) We're at sea level.
  • When they start making the Goulash for the giant. Boomer very slowly picks up the dynamite... very slowly puts it in a blender... VERY slowly puts the top on... then screams "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" and hits blend. BOOM.