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Season 3 is Brady's Nightmare
When Brady left the island at the beginning of the first episode of season 3 (The New King, Part 1: Destiny's Child) the rest of season 3 after him leaving the island is showing his nightmare's of Boomer and everyone else living on without him and barely even trying to find him. This theory is probably the best explanation for all the Plot Holes and Plot Dumping mix with Continuity Nod that it seems most likely that Brady would dream this for example:
  • The second episode of season 2 (Kings of Legend Part 2) The lady of the cave foresaw Boomer and Brady as being the kings of legends not Boomer and Boz. Since the lady of the cave draws what she sees and she didn't include Boz means it's impossible for him to be the king of legend. Since the picture on the cave wall never shown in the series this means they made out like it never happened.
    • Then again, the lady of the cave wasn't sure if her foreseeing was right on that matter.
  • Even further back in the first episode the picture of Boomer and Brady clearly doesn't open like it does in the first episode of season 3.
  • They are supposed to be twins not triplets and pushed the realism almost Epic Movie style due to having a red haired twin adding a third genetic trait that skips a generation which if possible lowers the realism chances.
  • Why would their parents only send Boomer and Brady to live with their Aunt and uncle and abandon Boz on an island to be raised by gorillas?
  • The whole concept of the episode O'Lanada contradicts the whole point of the episode Kings of Thieves.
  • One minor thing at the end of the first episode of season 3 reveals Mason's voice is squeaky contradicting the point of Mason being offended in the episode The King and Eyes when they mock his voice and how deep it is, and in the episode How I Met Your Brother he changes his voice to sound like that but is not his real voice.

These all make sense as being Brady's nightmare due to Brady not being smart enough to notice most and was scared off by the lady of the cave after they drew on her cave walls. This would probably be also the best explanation for the monsters becoming less original due to Brady being unable to think of anything else.

Boz is an Evil Triplet/Boomer, Brady and Boz have evil parents
There are 2 alternate explanations for Boz's Parental Abandonment other then the one mentione above if Season 3 is canon at all.:
  1. Boz is evil and they abandoned him on the island of Mindu for a good reason.
  2. Their parents are evil and abandoned him for no reason.

Kinkow is located in Bermuda Triangle

Lanny's parents tried to get rid of the triplets' parents and accidentally killed themselves
Nothing was ever said about Lanny's parents. This guess is as good as any other.