Funny / The Neighbors

  • The Stinger of "I Believe I Can Drive". Jackie and the three young kids (Max, Abigail, Dick) are driving around town while singing to "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind.
  • The 2nd episode had Debbie dreaming that the aliens are evil.
    Larry - We're going home. We've got what we came for.
    Jackie - Your children. We came for your children.
  • The Halloween Episode had Dick dressed up as Debbie with a Marty puppet.
    I would just like to say I love you kids very much.
    What she said. I have no opinions of my own.
    • "To your homes! Give the human children the crap they desire!"
    • Debbie teaching the aliens how to give candy. On of them, Mary Lou, uses it as an excuse to kiss a guy.
      Debbie - Great work, everyone. Mary Lou, we have some notes for you.
  • Debbie and Marty waving goodbye to the ambulance carrying the corpse of their gardener.
    • Debbie and Marty gather the aliens to answer their questions about death.
      Debbie - You in the front, little... man-woman.
  • Debbie - If it wasn't for us telling you what to do, you'd let kids go to school dressed up as Arnold Palmer!
    Jackie - What did Arnold Palmer do to you except watch your house while your gone and pick up your mail?
  • Debbie explaining what a birthday is.
    Debbie - We have 365 days of the year.
    Dick - The math works. Continue.
  • Dick exerting himself at school by punching Max.
    I am showing DOMINANCE!!!
  • Later Dick freaks out the 2 bullies who saw his alien form.
    Why do you lie?!
  • Max trying to recreate the flying bike scene from ET The Extraterrestrial with Dick, only to be stopped by Debbie...who tries it when he's out of earshot. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't work.
  • In "It Has Begun...", after Marty and Debbie say they're going to Atlantic City, Larry and Jackie decide to join in. The attempt to protest is cut short by Leaning on the Fourth Wall.
    Larry: Oh, Marty, get off of it. We all know how this script ends. You tell us you're gonna do something. We say we're going with you. You say no. We go anyway. Hijinks ensue. You learn from us, we learn from you, and it all gets wrapped up in a nice tidy package usually around 9 p.m..
  • Amber thinking Reggie is gay.
    "And not just gay, alien gay. Rock & Roll, man."
  • Larry Bird standing in front of a van at a playground offering kids candy wanting to tell them about Challoweenukah.
  • In "Supreme Like Me," the montage of Larry's increasingly bad job interviews.
    "Did you just hit a panic button? You did!"
  • "Shut up, Carrot Top!"
  • Marty and Amber bonding over Notting Hill.
    Marty: Is there anyone Hugh Grant can't have chemistry with?
    Amber: If I put a toaster next to him, I'd still think they belong together.
  • Dick and Reggie visit their uncle and aunt who are imprisoned. Dick orders two grown men and even slaps one, reminding him he is the law.
  • Jackie distracts Larry by shampooing his hair.
    Your hair lacked luster, husband.
  • Excessive closeups ruined Les Mis.