Funny / The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG

    Season One 
  • meme!Batman meeting up with GLaDOS.
  • ANYTHING involving Balrog and Deadpool
  • Max taking control of the Star Destroyer Exactor.
  • Dimitri's appearance.
  • Naked Snake's claim that he never knew much on the Cobra Unit, despite being from the said universe as Spriggan knew him as a popular video game character after telling him about the Sorrow. Re Dead might've used him in a parody way.
Naked Snake: "No, never heard of 'em. The Boss really didn't like to talk about World War Two, something an octogenarian sniper, a contortionist freak, and a guy covered in bees. She might have been drunk at the time, because she said the New England Patriots were a conspiracy, and that her son was an ocelot or something."
The Malignancy: Anonymous is a hivemind made up if all the /b/tards in existence and/or the Anthropomorphic Personification of Lulz. He can grasp whatever the hell he wants.
Oni-Lord: except morals and women.
  • The heroes' plan to incapacitate the two Selvarias in Selvaria's Dreamscape:
Naked Snake: So let me get this straight... We could either go with the plan I'll be calling 'Safe for Selvaria', where we shoot at them with all the nonlethal weaponry we have to distract them until Ed can cage them, or Plan 'Safe for Us', where Sam shoots at them with the...BFG, was it? And hope that, by some fluke of luck, it doesn't kill them. Did I get everything?
Miles: I, for one, am for plan 'Safe for Us.'
  • Sam uses a suicide and crazy rat to destroy one of the Batomys' Uranus machine gun turrets in Day 13.
  • Spriggan introduced Naked Snake and Kaidan to Vezon in Day 13.
Spriggan: "Guys, this is Vezon. Despite his scary, threatening, bio-mechanical looks that could make someone piss or shit their pants, he's on our side. Just don't piss him and you'll live."
  • Naked Snake's keyblade, a gift from Hideo Kojima, playing the lyrics to Snake Eater whenever it's swung.
  • At one point, there was some confusion with what was up with Fiddy: he was trying to sneak into the Abhorsen house, and the invisible guards there threw him out. On the Fiddy-player's next post, he had Fiddy inexplicably fall out of the sky. This spawned this cute portion of the recap (since fixed... after a very long time):
    The more powerful guards of the Abhorsen house apparently threw Fiddy so high that he left the atmosphere and reentered like and slammed into a random building like a meteor.
    Someone PLEASE correct the above!!! DX

    Season Two 
  • GIR.
  • Stephen
  • Wreck-Gar, full stop! Some highlights:
    • His more-or-less accidental defeat of two Hunter Zombies.
    • Zim telling him to "Take all of us to Larfleeze's headquarters, but leave the green-headed man behind." He meant to leave Anonymous behind, but Zim has a green head, too.
    • Turning a potential all-out giant robot brawl with Meta Optimus into a slapstick routine.
  • Spriggan responding to Maria's hails on the radio, asking him to evacuate.
    Spriggan: "But someone wants to keep me company and I'm trying to reject it... KEEP THE FUCK OFF ME YOU BASTARD ! I'M NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU!"
  • Snake slipping Spriggan a rubber after seeing (what he thinks are) the boy's advances to Maria.
  • The "group hug" that happened in day 3.
    • To elaborate: Maria and Subaru were exposed to Zim's pink gas, which induced uncontrolable happiness in anyone who breathed it in. Subsequently, they joyfully tackled Crona to the ground for a group hug, leaving him/her rather traumatised.
  • Iroh trying to give Spriggan The Talk.
  • Clypta constructs humping Bran.
  • Snake having a PTSD moment in Day 6.
    • Lt. Snake and General Iroh.
  • Paul washing his face to remove the marker ink.
  • Tom Servo's mindscape on Day 7, where his memories of the Mads sent the group into cheesy movies, the worst they can find!
    Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar! I would like to hear some hep tunes!
  • Pyrrhus giving a pre-war speech reminiscent of ancient Greek/Roman generals before battling thugs in Harima's mindscape.
  • On Day 7, when Paul turns down Maria's advances to watch TV and Maria responds by pouring a glass of water over his head.
  • The strip poker match. Especially since Iroh refuses to leave...
  • Red Mage's view on the City from a D&D-type gamer perspective.
  • Braig using his powers to mess around with Rance.
  • Deadpool doing the Thriller dance to defeat Tenacious D.
  • Before Zouken was about to deliver a speech, Spriggan sniped him from long range with a VSS Vintorez.
  • Bardic's quote on recapping part of Day 13. Needless to say, this raised a few eyebrows with some laughs.
    Leviathen killed Wreck-Gar in the woobieist most horrible way possible. We all got pissed, and invaded Selvarias Tunnels ( I think I did that right), trying to not to kill mooks, instead just going after the Big Bad...
  • When Mike, Red, Inuyasha and Wreck-Gar encounter the Raging Boulder.
  • Spriggan apparently being too absorbed in a tuna sandwich to care about his friends. While the actual post probably isn't that bad, the subsequent teasing in the discussion thread is hilarious.
    GameGuruGG: Spriggan cares more about his DELICIOUS SANDWICH!!! than Shirou. Spriggan is a dick.

    Season Three