Funny / Mortal Wills, Mortal Hearts

  • Mason's reaction after arriving in Pripyat for the test mission.
    Mason: "Russia. Fuck."
  • Theon never hearing about the "real world".
    Theon: "Ok. Am I the only person here that has never heard of this "You crane" or "Rush-a" places?"
    • Another one for Vietnam.
    Theon: "What's a Vee-it-ham? Or was it nam? No.. That would make no sense."
  • The fascination of Asterix, Turin, Sokka and Theon towards small arms as they gave them a challenge in the test mission.
    • Sokka's first thoughts after some of the Russian mercenaries were subdued.
    Sokka: "Their weapons spew flame. Are they Fire Nation?"
  • Theon's fascination with using small arms are funny. Not to mention scary.
  • The OOC discussions regarding the party's "official" name. There were some serious to the outright funny like Team Theon, La Resistance and Bickering Wanderers.
  • Asterix thinks the Point Man's name is as is because he points at things.
  • Havoc suggested to Big Boss that he should kiss Alice Wade to wake her up after being unconscious.
  • Green Arrow and Mason talking while in the midst of the incoming shockwave from the Project Origin Facility.