Funny / The Little Rascals

Original series

  • The Sun Down Limited (1924) and Railroadin' (1929): Farina gets his foot caught in a train track just as a train his headed his way. The train runs right over Farina, leaving him completely unscratched.
  • Moan & Groan, Inc. (1929): "I know... BUT I WON'T TELL YA!"
  • Shivering Shakespeare (1930): The gang forgetting their lines in the play and making up their own on the fly.
    Farina: "Forsooth, me thinks these mountains are filled with too many goats!"

    Gladiator: "The Orient girls do their Orient-do their wild pagan dance. To, to..."
    Kennedy the Cop (offstage) "To make whoopee!"

    Chubby: (after forgetting his speech) "You're a pretty keen looking chick. You gotta marry me!"
    Mary Ann: "Nuh, uh!"
    Director (offstage): "I spurn your vile heart, oh monster, and cast it in the dust."
    Mary Ann: "Well, anyway, I won't marry you!"
  • The First Seven Years (1930): Jackie Cooper tries to win Mary Ann's heart by acting like "a caveman." She responds by beating him up.
  • When the Wind Blows (1930): Farina's reactions to the various sounds outside of his house.
    • In that same short; Jackie Cooper smushing up his face to look into Farina's window with a rather intense expression....which looks hilarious (yet surprisingly creepy)....and freaking Farina out.
  • A Tough Winter (1930): Stepin Fetchit's excuse for not reading his letter.
  • School's Out (1930): The ridiculous answers to Miss Crabtree's oral quiz.
    "What was Abraham Lincoln's mother's name?"
    "Mrs. Lincoln."
  • Helping Grandma (1931): Stymie completely outsmarting Wheezer into giving him candy.
  • Love Business (1931): Dorothy repeating Chubby's love talk, but not quite getting it right:
    Chubby: "My heart is filled with joy. I want to trip and dance."
    Dorothy: "My heart is filled with joy. I want to rip my pants."

    Chubby: "Oh, my darling, can you hear the pleas in my whispers?"
    Dorothy: "Oh, my darling, I can hear the fleas in your whiskers."

    Chubby: "If love is like a rose, I will nip my rose in the bud."
    Dorothy: "If love is like a rose, I will stick my nose in the mud."
  • Big Ears (1931):
    Stymie: "A 'diworce' is an accident."
    Wheezer: "What do you mean 'accident?'"
    Stymie: "When two cars crash and the policeman says, 'that was diworce accident I ever did see.'"
  • Shiver My Timbers (1931):
    Stymie: "We had a polecat under our house once. And boy, did we take a trip!"
    Wheezer: "Oh, you vacated, huh?"
    Stymie: "Vacated, nothing. We fumigated."
  • Dogs is Dogs (1931): The entire 'ham and eggs' exchange.
    Stymie (as the ham): "Move over there, white boy, you's crowdin' me."
    • When Sherwood falls in the well, Stymie dangles an obviously too short rope for Sherwood to grab on to. When he says he can't reach it, Stymie deadpans "Try jumpin' a little."
  • Readin' and Writin' (1932): "Hiiiii, Crabby!"
  • Free Eats (1932): The 'fidgets' stealing a detective's watch.
  • Spanky (1932): Three-year-old Spanky innocently throwing his skinflint father's money out of a second story window.
  • Choo-Choo! (1932): Guardian Mr. Henderson's failed attempts at keeping the Rascals under control.
    "Now, listen. You stay here, and you be good. Or I'm going to pinch you when I come back."
    • Not to mention the fact that Henderson, after spending an entire night on a train with the kids, has to bring them back home as soon as the train stops.
  • The Pooch (1932): Stymie and Spanky ordering a big meal at a sidewalk diner.
    Diner attendant: "Well, how do you expect to eat if you don't have any money?"
    Stymie: "Well, we don't expect it. We just want it."
  • Hook and Ladder (1932): Spanky being a complete brat.
    Stymie: "I'll get you, you little punk!"
    Spanky: "Aw, razz-berries!"

    Dickie: "I can't get the assistant chief's pants on!"
  • Free Wheeling (1932): The ride on the runaway taxi.
    Jacquie: "Spanky, don't you think we're going rather fast?"
    Spanky: "Naw! Hey, Dickie, step on it!"
    • This sequence could also be considered unintentionally funny, given the cheesy rear projection used in the closeups.
  • Birthday Blues (1932): The memorable sound effects heard in the kids' homemade cake.
    • Also, Spanky and Dickie's shopping trip for their mother.
    Spanky: "Oh boy, let's get that gun for her!"
    Dickie: "Aw, what would she do with a gun?"
    Spanky: "Shoot papa!"

    Stymie: (after being kicked out of a pawn shop that has a "money to loan" sign) Well, what you got that sign out there for? Ya big fibber!"
    • Stymie has to drag little brother Cotton along on a leash.
  • Fish Hooky (1933): Spanky delivers fake sick notes to the teacher.
    "Here's some phony notes from the gang!"
    • Spanky socks former Little Rascal Mickey Daniels in the nose. It's also a nice bit of interaction between an old cast member and a new one.
    • Mickey's story about reform school.
    Spanky: "How about Christmas?"
    Mickey: "Oh, they're swell to them on Christmas! Everybody gets a brand new sledgehammer!"
    • This ultimately becomes a brick joke. Later, Stymie runs into barker running a high striker.
    Barker: "Hey, kids, try your luck with a hammer. It's free!"
    Stymie: "Not me, brother. I'll be using a hammer soon enough!"
  • Forgotten Babies (1933): Spanky's Tarzan story.
    • The baby who keeps saying, "remarkable."
    Spanky: "Can't you say anything but 'remarkable?'"
    Baby: "Yes!"
    Spanky: "Well, for the love of Pete, say it!"
    Baby: "Remarkable!"
  • The Kid from Borneo (1933): The entire premise.
    • In a nutshell; The unseen Uncle George runs a Side Show and one of his attractions is a deranged (and incredibly not-P.C. by today's standards) "Jungle Savage" stereotype. The kids, who've never met Uncle George, assume the "Wildman" is Uncle George and take him home. Hilarity Ensues and the house gets trashed.
  • Mush and Milk (1933): Spanky's telephone conversation with Mr. Brown (Jimmy Finlayson).
    Mr. Brown: "Who is this?"
    Spanky: "I don't know. I can't see ya!"
    • Tommy Bond belting out a torch song.
    • The geography lesson.
    Cap: "Uh-huh. Can you use the word 'isthmus' in a sentence?"
    Uh-huh: "Uh-huuuuuh. Isthmus be my lucky day."
  • Bedtime Worries (1933): Pretty much every one of Spanky's lines.
  • Wild Poses (1933): Spanky gets his picture taken, but fears being "shot."
  • Hi'-Neighbor!, For Pete's Sake!, The First Round-Up, Honky-Donkey, and Mike Fright (all 1934): Four-year-olds Spanky and Scotty prove themselves smarter than the older people around them.
    Spanky: "He's not doing so good."
    Scotty: "Yep, you said it."
  • Honky-Donkey (1934): Chauffeur Don Barclay, the film's real star.
    Scotty: "Have we got brains!"
    Spanky: "Whattya mean, we?"
  • Washee Ironee (1934): Waldo's mother's party is interrupted by the rambunctious Rascals, as well as a swarm of animated bubbles.
  • Mama's Little Pirate (1934):
    Jerry: "What in the world's that thing?"
    Spanky: "It looks like a chair."
    Stymie: "A chair for who?"
    Spanky: "Well, it certainly ain't no midget!"
  • Mike Fright (1934): During two little girls' rendition of Jimmy Had a Nickel:
    Spanky: "Who's this guy Jimmy?"
    Scotty: "He's the fella that's got the nickel."
    Spanky: (pause) 'You're too smart."
  • Anniversary Trouble (1935): The fact that Spanky's father (Johnny Arthur) insists that the people around him improve their memories when he can't even remember his own son's name.
    "Oh, why doesn't 'Swanky' get over here?"
  • Teacher's Beau (1935): Alfalfa rehearses a speech so many times that he eventually loses his voice.
    Spanky: "Alfalfa never fails!
  • Sprucin' Up (1935): Spanky tries to play sick in order to miss school... only to be told that it's Saturday.
  • Our Gang Follies of 1936 (1935): The Flory-Dory Girls dance number. The boys have to fill in when the girls don't show up on time. Spanky is the only one of the guys who actually knows the dance, and therefore the others leave their trust in him. But Spanky has a monkey stuck in the back of his dress, who eventually causes him (and in turn, the other kids) to drop to their underwear.
  • Divot Diggers (1936): The kids' pet chimpanzee.
    Golfer: "Now, don't tell me that's a caddy!"
    Spanky: "Shhh! Not so loud! She thinks she is.''
  • Second Childhood (1936): While singing, "Grandma" manages to hit a high note thanks to Spanky's slingshot accidentally striking her in the behind.
    Spanky: "That's a-hittin' it, Grandma!"
  • Arbor Day (1936): The reactions to Alfalfa's singing. The music teacher is in tears, while the truant officer dozes off. Spanky just rolls his eyes.
  • Bored of Education (1936): Alfalfa sings with a balloon in his stomach.
  • Two Too Young (1936): Alfalfa thinks Spanky is going to cut his head off, only to learn that he only wanted the cowlick on the top of his head.
    Alfalfa: "I'm ruined!"
    • Porky and Buckwheat have a long whispered conversation when asked to give up their firecrackers, followed by a one word reply: "No!"
    • Alfalfa's "Charge of the Light Brigade" speech is interrupted by firecrackers going off in his pockets.
  • Pay As You Exit (1936): When Darla quits the kids' Romeo and Juliet play, Alfalfa has to quickly find a replacement. His choice? Buckwheat.
    "My Juliet!"
    "My Homeo!"
  • Reunion in Rhythm (1937): Buckwheat's unsuccesfull attempts at getting into the kids' show.
    Spanky: "Didn't I tell you not to recite?"
    Buckwheat: "Didn't I tell you I wanted to be the actor?"
  • Glove Taps (1937): Wimpy Alfalfa's training session for a boxing match against Butch, and the fact that Buckwheat and Porky are the ones who save his neck.
  • Hearts Are Thumps (1937): Spanky and Buckwheat sabotage Alfalfa's lunch by replacing it with soap. When Alfalfa has to sing in front of the class later that day, he belts out tons of (animated) bubbles.
  • Rushin' Ballet (1937): Spanky and Alfalfa try to hide from Butch and Woim by dressing up as female ballerinas in a dancing school.
  • Night 'N' Gales (1937): Pretty much the entire film. Darla's father (Mr. Hood) is forced to bunk with the Rascals for the night.
    Mr. Hood: "I'd rather sleep with a bunch of porcupines."
    Alfalfa: "Where are you gonna find a porcupine this hour of the night?"
  • Fishy Tales (1937): Alfalfa pretends to have a broken leg in order to avoid being beaten up by Butch. A fish is placed in one of Alfalfa's sock to look like a leg. Alfalfa's real leg is hidden through a hole in his bed, where it is tickled by Junior.
    Butch (after hitting Alfalfa's fake leg): "Don't it hurt?"
    Alfalfa: No, it kind of tickles!"
  • Framing Youth (1937): "Mr. Butch to see Mr. Spanky."
  • Mail and Female (1937): In order to avoid punishment from the He-Man Woman Haters Club, Alfalfa puts on a dress and wig and pretends to be Darla's cousin Emelia. He then flirts with Spanky and Spike, neither of whom think that Emelia is a boy (or Alfalfa).
  • Our Gang Follies of 1938 (1937): The opera house manager humors would-be singer Alfalfa.
    "Suppose you come back in twenty years?"
  • Three Men in a Tub (1938): Buckwheat and Porky try to walk away from Waldo's long, wordy speech.
    • Also the fact that as Waldo's yacht is sinking, he is too busy reading his instruction manual to rescue Darla.
  • Came the Brawn (1938): Woim's soft side coming through when he falls in love with Waldo's poetry.
    Darla: "Oh, isn't it divine?"
    Woim: "It's a 'poip!'"
  • Feed 'Em and Weep (1938): The kids'... thoughtful birthday presents for Darla's father: a frog, a duck, and a cat.
  • Alfalfa's Aunt (1939): Alfalfa mistakenly thinks that his eccentric murder authoress aunt wants to kill him.
  • Kiddie Kure (1940): Old Man Morton (Thurston Hall) mistake's Froggy's voice for a case of laryngitis.
    • Also, at the end of the short:
    Doctor: "Does your voice always sound like that?"
    Froggy: "No, sir. Only when I talk."
  • Going to Press (1942): Froggy being 'taken for a ride' by a tough kid.
    Froggy: "Hey, officer, he's taking me for a ride!"
    Officer: "Fine. That's nice of him."
  • Mighty Lak a Goat (1942): The reactions to the awful stench of the Rascals' clothes after Froggy rubs them down with a homemade cleanser.
    • In fact, while the kids watch a movie at the local theater, the characters in the movie (within a movie) break the fourth wall when they also start to smell the Rascals' clothes. What's more, the first one that mentions the stench is a character that is supposed to be dead!

Hanna-Barbera's series

  • In "Tiny Terror", baby Spike has crawled out of the treehouse onto a tree limb. He throws apples at Alfalfa and Spanky, and then dumps a wheelbarrow full of apples onto them.
    Darla: Terrific. While you two are bobbing for apples, nobody's watching the baby!

1994 movie

  • Spanky, in a fairy costume, dancing during the recital, all while he and Alfalfa are hiding a frog in their outfits.
    • And before that, when they (and later, Butch and Woim) accidentally stumble into several changing rooms and are greeted with mortified screams when they open the doors.
  • "Finders keepers, losers suck!" "Ahhh, bite me!"
  • After Tempting Fate and promptly running straight into Butch and Woim's clutches, Alfalfa moans, "And the clouds opened up and God said, 'I hate you, Alfalfa!'"
    • Then there's this exchange.
    Woim: Nice tan.
    Butch: Any last words?
    Alfalfa: Yeah, uh... see ya!
  • Alfalfa runs from the doberman and jumps into the pool. He swims across to the other side. As he climbs out of the pool, he pauses and he looks down...and sees his underwear floating on the surface of the pool. He grabs it to put it back on, only to discover that he's right in front of Darla and Waldo!
    Darla: Alfalfa! This is a side of you that I've never seen before!
  • "The 4-foot man-eating chicken!" (One of the boys dressed like a construction worker, wearing a fake moustache, and eating a bucket of fried chicken)
  • Buckwheat: Quick! What's the number for 911?
  • This exchange between a rude banker (played by Mel Brooks!) and an "adult" Stymie and Spanky:
    Banker: If you were my kids, I'd punish you!
    Stymie: If we were your kids, we'd punish ourselves!
  • In Alfalfa's nightmare, the kids try to get him to fall off the cliff by blowing at him.
  • Buckwheat and Uh-Huh's favorable reactions towards Alfalfa facing execution at dawn during the "courtroom scene".
  • Alfalfa fleeing for his life from Butch and Woim. Alfalfa manages to avert the bullies after passing through a car paint shop, with Butch and Woim on the brunt end of being painted blue.
  • Porky and Buckwheat's celebration of earning a measly dollar bill from ducks.
  • While Butch and Woim try to steal The Blur, they fall into a trap. The end result? The two boys drenched in pickle juice.
  • During the Go-Kart race, Butch orders Woim to activate the rocket boosters. However, this backfires as the two are now going in reverse. The reason? The booster were put in backwards.
  • The assembly of The Blur 2. During the montage, Spanky and Alfalfa go into a laundry room and soon after, they walk out covered in soap along with the part they needed.
  • While Porky and Buckwheat are fishing at the lake, their hooks latch onto each other. As one of them starts pulling, the other begins to teeter towards the lake. Eventually Petey meets up with the two boys and pulls Buckwheat by the back, only for Porky to fall completely into the lake.
  • Alfalfa's "love note":
    Alfalfa: Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're a scum between my toes. Love, Alfalfa.
    • Porky and Buckwheat then deliver the "love note" to Darla. Needless to say, Darla is not pleased.