Funny / The Gamer

  • Han Jee-Han needs to prove to Poong Sae-Young that he's the real deal and not an impostor, so what does he do? He reveals she wears black silk lace panties which he knows from entering into her room without permission once. She reacts by hitting him for saying it out loud, but at least she knows he's not an impostor.
  • When Han Jee-Han explains to Poong Sae-Young that his ability is The Gamer and explains he probably got it because he was a game addict, she could only laugh at how appropriate it was.
  • Han Jee-Han develops the craft skill during Art Class and the first thing he makes, Some Clay Slime, left much to be desired. Here's the description from its description box.
    Description: Poorly made clay slime by novice crafter Han Jee-Han, the Gamer. Its artistic value is non-existent, and is an insult to art.
    Han Jee-Han: What's with this description...?
  • Shin Sung Il reacting to a gamer dialogue box appearing in front of him.
  • After defeating the boss zombie, it drops money. Jee-Han points out that when you think about it, it's actually weirder that the other zombies weren't dropping money.
  • Chapter 22: Jee-Han tries to create some Evasion and Escape skills but the skill he ends up creating? Fool's Act:
    Description: Words that make the enemy doubt the mental state of the user. It could possibly confuse the target.
  • Chapter 24: Jee-Han uses his Observe skill on random items, with the resulting descriptions being as if his own power is insulting him.
    Pebble description: A pebble found on the side of the road. A rock. What business do you have with it?
    Wrapper description: A hamburger wrapper some idiot threw on the ground. Dirty. Again, what business do you have with it?
    Jee-Han: This thing... It's gone nuts since I leveled it up.
  • Chapter 51. All of it.
    • Jee-Han goes out on a date with Sung-Ah, and she clings to his arm because she thinks that's what you do on dates. Where'd she learn that? "The internet. The sea of knowledge."
    • While they're walking around town, Jee-Han gets a pop-up. He's learned the skill "Detect Bloodthirst" because of the massive amounts of bloodlust directed in his direction. It turns out Sung-Gon has been following them the entire time. And as soon as he realizes that, Jee-Han earns another level. By the end of the date, the skill has gone up several levels.
  • The fact that Hell's got an internet connection via ripping a hole in reality.
  • Chapter 73: Kwon Shi-Yun stoically denying any bloodlust she was giving off in spite of all of Jee-Han's alerts to the contrary.
  • Chapter 93: Hwan Sung-Ah's chat with Han Jae Han after their date at the Internet Café.
    Jee-Han: Um, by the way.
    Sung-Ah: What?
    Jee-Han: Is this... you repaying me?
    Sung-Ah: Yeah.
    Jee-Han: I see.
    Sung-Ah: Why? Did you expect something else?
    Jee-Han: (Flustered) N-No. I didn't expect anything. Nothing at all.
    Sung-Ah: I don't think that's true.
    Jee-Han: What do you mean? It's true. I'm telling you the truth.
    Sung-Ah: I'll ask Dad about what guys expect in this situation.
    Jee-Han: (Frantic) Don't do that! Are you trying to get me killed?!
  • Chapter 95: Han Jee-Han manages to heal one of Kwon Shi-Yun's clan's people from the damage caused by Hwan Sung-Gon, and Shi-Yun again offers to do anything he asks (a Call-Back to when he healed her). This time, she immediately realizes what she is saying. Then, she asks again.
  • Chapter 119: "Fool's Act" makes an appearance in battle.
  • Chapter 128: Should be called "The Gamer: Hilarity Ensues." Not only does it start with Kwon Shin Yun thinking the class president's name really is "Class President," and rapidly goes downhill from there, but the end has Kwon Shin Yun accuse Jee-Han of being a "player" who kisses girls nonchallantly, making Kim Yoo Jin, of all people, give off murderous intent, and a battle aura that allows her to start crushing a table with her bare hands.
  • Chapter 150: Hwan Sung Gong notices the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Jae Han and Kwon Shi-Yun as well as Kim Yoo Jin clinging to him crying Tears of Joy for coming to her rescue. Does he get angry and give off bloodlust because Jae Han has an Unwanted Harem? NO! He goes from being an Overprotective Dad to an Openminded Parent, not only calling Jae Han a lucky man, but says he's happy for his daughter, telling Jae Han to keep up the good work!
  • Chapter 151: Anticlimax doesn't even begin to cover it. After chapters of Jee-Han and his companions gearing up to fight for their and Yoo-Jin's survival, the Company (which has become a God), after a quite solid argument made by Jee-Han, lets her go with no complaint.
  • Chapter 211: Even the Church of Masks' stoic members can't help looking worried and confused when Jee-Han's powers turns their assault on his house, into a Tower Defense game. Even Jee-Han's surprised at first, as he didn't know his powers could do that... then that surprise turns into glee.