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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Gamer
There would be tournament arc
Reasons : The illusion barrier was created for fighting, and it's been hinted something's going to happen soon. Plus, it's a great chance to see other Natural Ability users

Jee-Han will use his Life Drain ability to help or cure Hwan Sung-Ah
Her Black Demon's Invasion curse drains life force, and apparently her life expectancy is low even if she is given life force every now and then. However, once the Life Drain ability is levelled Jee-Han can use it to transfer life force, presumably spamming it like he does the Yunhon Soul Recovery. With this he can keep Sung-Ah healthy long enough to get his Soul Recovery to a high enough level to remove the Black Demon's Invasion altogether.

Hwan Sung-Ah is related to Jee-Han
She looks like the genderbent version of Jee-Han, and Jee Han father is actually dressed similarly like her father.

There will be an arc in which the Mana Farms come after Jae Han.

Jee-Han may have the ability to save. Even if he dies, he can return to a point in the past and try again.
Most RPGs have the option to save, and with that the ability to reload to the last save point at death, or even at will. If Jee-Han has this ability, he becomes nearly unbeatable.

His refusal to even consider raising Wis will end up biting him later.
Even worse, he won't raise Wis unti that moment cause he hasn't got the Wis to see how it could be beneficial.

Jee-Han is insane, or simply making it all up in his head.
Because it needs to be contributed. None of this is real.

Sun-Il is in love with Jee-Han.
He might just be, it kind of seems that way after all.

Han Jung-Sook (Jee-Han's mother) has been replaced by a robot, a clone, or a shapeshifter
Originally, Jee-Han couldn't see his mother's level (implying that she was at a higher level than him by at least 50 levels), but then he could suddenly see her level (in the teens) and she started behaving oddly.
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