YMMV: The Gamer

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Some wonder if deep down, Jee-Han is actually a sociopath that truly enjoys killing others, and uses the Gaming ability as an excuse for having such murderous thoughts, or whether he really was just your run-of-the-mill game addict until the world forced an ability on him that forces his mind to work the way it does, and his resulting views and thoughts on violence and death are merely the byproduct.
  • Arc Fatigue: After The Gamer reached around 40 chapters, some readers began to get tired of all the world-building, and basic-training chapters, revolving around Jae-Han powering up his Gamer abilities, and just wish for some sort of plot, or Story Arc, to start up to truly get the web-toon moving. This has started to die down by around chapter 60 due to the introduction of the first noteworthy enemy of the series, the "Black Rock" magician faction.
    • After the end of what can be called the "Black Rock" arc (which is just a few chapters long, mind you, in comparison to the 40+ chapters of grinding), the fandom feared the series would go back to more mindless grinding before the plot advanced for real, but fortunately, it's currently building to what seems to be the climax of the whole arc which started with Sung-Gong's appearance.
  • Broken Base: Readers can't seem to decide what they want more of; watching the main character powering up his Gamer abilities, or expand the story to be on a much grander scale. At first, people were getting sick of all the basic training chapters surrounding Jae-Han, but now that the series is finally developing its Expanded Universe, people instead complain that they only want to read this manhwa for Jae-Han's gamer abilities. In the end, it just goes to show that Unpleasable Fanbase has hit this series pretty hard.
  • Game Breaker:
    • In-universe and lampshaded. The Chunbu Spirit Technique (summarized here) passively increases all of Jee-Han's stats, save for luck, by ten percent, and the amount they're amplified by will also increases as he increases his inner ki and MP. Oh, and it lets him increase his maximum MP, permanently, via meditation, separately from his level and skills, which naturally increases his physical stats in the process. Jae-Han immediately takes note of just how exploitable the technique is.
      Jae-Han: This technique is almost as cheaty as my gamer ability! (...) This is a completely broken ability!
      Manga Here Comment: Our MC is seriously op.
      Manga Here Comment: NERF NERF NERF DA SKILL!!!
      Manga Here Comment: Jesus stack these buffs together and add in some level grinding and he will kick ass
    • The Gamer ability itself is broken as hell. It enables Jee-Han to obtain, if he so desires, immediate power boosts by raising his stats by leveling up, allows him to learn and use practically any technique in existence as long as he meets the stat requirements (which he can do quite handily so long as he's got stat points, since he can control his stat distribution), allows him to create his own skills with enough tinkering, allows him to create something out of literally nothing, as shown by the fact that his ability makes monsters drop items, which should be impossible, and so on. His weakness is that he has to work for his skillset and then grind them, but he has basically no limit to how strong or diverse he can become. Given enough time and dedication, the guy could become akin to a god.
      Jee-Han: So I really am an OP character!
    • On a minor note, the Gamer Mind, which immediately calm his mind when facing really stressful situation. In fact, he would have been killed in his first fight without it.
    • The revelation that Jee-Han is able to get extra skill points by training his body becomes this when it's also discovered how quickly his point total goes up. Exercising for a whole weekend in an illusion barrier is able to get him an absurd amount of points for VIT and STR right away.
    • Consider that an ordinary human being's base stats are more or less ten of each. As of chapter 47, Jee-Han decided to dump all his stat points into INT, giving him an INT stat of 131, with enough mana and mana regen to keep his golem summoned and Mana Shield active 24/7, plus Telekinesis. After that, he grinds his ordinary stats through training. For example, he decided to run for a couple of hours which raised his VIT by 12, effectively doubling it. Makes you wonder why not a single stat increased when he was running away with Hwan Sung-Ah from those hunters...
  • Ho Yay: Jee-Han and Sun-Il have their moments. Just the amount of time they spend interacting with each other is reason enough to get people aboard their bandwagon.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: So far, Jee-Han has been paired with Shi-Yun, Sung-Ah and Sae-Young. Some even go so far to pair him off with the Slaughter Witch, and his best friend, Sun-Il. Did we mention that he has a loli for an Earth summon?
  • Memetic Mutation: As part of an April Fools joke, the scanlation group released a joke chapter that replaced the wolf pelt-wearing Druid warrior with the infamous Doge meme. Now cementers will cover his images with doge meme quotes.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Some consider the first chapter to be this which gives off the vibe that the story is going to be a Slice of Life type of story that ends up with the main-character somehow having the ability to read life like a gamer would. That however, gets thrown out the window completely when the second chapter comes around and becomes a more supernatural setting you would come to expect from role-playing games.