Funny / The DysFUNctional Pirates

"Uncle Lester"
  • Sadie hitting Z.G. with the newspaper and Z.G.'s subsequent reaction.
  • This exchange:
Blaise: "Son, your mother and I are going on our annual Greek Orthodox Honeymoon."
Daisuke: "Where?"
Mikuri and Blaise: "We're going to Candy Mountain!"
Blaise: "By the way, betch, you're not going."
  • The revelation that Sengoku is the Uncle Lester in question.
  • Toward the end of the chapter, Sengoku shoots Daisuke, causing him to wake up. Then, Mikuri shoots Daisuke, causing Daisuke to wake up and Kazuma to make an Inception reference.

"The CP 9 Victimization Chapter"
  • "Don't tell me it's another one of Jyabura's low-budget sex tapes!"
  • During Baroque Works' performance of "Friday", Aki sneezes.
  • Fukurou's reaction to Baroque Works' performance has random words dubbing over the swear words.
    • ->Fukurou: "What the [truck strop] is this [eyeliner] [musicianís salary]?!"
  • "Lucci, stop. The T.V. has feelings, too."
  • After Spandam shouts about a troll in the dungeon and faints, what do the CP 9 do? They leave Spandam there and get McDonald's.

"Night at the Learning Annex"
  • Yuki-Rin trying to sell Girl Scout cookies to Boa Hancock and Gedatsu.
  • "Please stand by. Our team of highly-trained sheep hired by the Marines is trying to sort everything out. No, Pwngoat, donít stick it in!
  • The scene where it is revealed why the Capricorns have to go to the Learning Annex:
Gareth: "Are you kidding me?! Iím so happy for Yuki-Rin!"
Rubio: "That is not my problem."
Hana: "You shouldnít be happy for Yuki-Rin! Because of her antics involving Girl Scout cookies and censors, weíre forced to make an appearance at Hancockís lecture on beauty, princesses, and Paris Hilton at the next Warlord of the Sea-related appearance The Learning Annex is doing!"
Thatch: "Everybody here at The Learning Annex would like to thank -" (Ace wakes up)
Ace: "Arenít you supposed to be dead? Or at least hiding out in Ireland?"
Thatch: "Thatís what they want you to think!"
  • "Anyway, please put your hands together for Boa Hancock. Be nice to her, since we had to pay her thousands of dollars in cash bribes just to have her speak for The Learning Annex."
  • "Bitch stole my cheongsam!" - Said by Aki, no less.
  • The audience's reaction when Boa Hancock begins dancing to Lady Gaga's "Love Game" instead of giving a lecture.