Funny / Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way Vs Canon

Ebony vs. Canon

  • "Where might we purchase a straightjacket and a cattle prod?"
  • The scene where Enoby and Willow yell at Padma Patil, while Padma provides commentary.
  • The passive Frenching.

Sapphire vs. Canon

  • Charlie. Any scene with her in it is bound to be hilarious.
    • Notably, the reading of her charges in Chapter 15.
  • "Oh, son of a bitch!"
  • Missy: I may be an arsonist, but I am no kind of traitor!
    Gigi: ...Tell me she didn't just say that.

The MSEA Files Blog

  • This Useless MSEA Fact:
    However, as I developed her character more, I realized that if Charlie actually were in charge, the internet would be dead by now.