Funny / The Dreamer

  • Any interactions between Yvette and Bea.
  • Freddy and Bea discussing George Washington:
Bea: Frederick, who...who is that?
Freddy: That? That's the general. That's General Washington.
Bea: Wow. Does he really have wooden teeth?
Freddy: I...I don't think so. But I suppose you could ask him. Though I wouldn't.
[Alan Warren] is off traipsing across Brooklyn with Colonel Knowlton and the rest of the Rangers on an exciting reconnaissance mission where they'll run into bands of redcoats and shoot them all to hell while I remain here, doing nothing of value but waiting for morning when I can escort you to the hospital (a task a blind, one legged invalid could do) all so I can relay the secret message to "Dr. Cousin" that he's to send you home, despite the explicit commands of my colonel which, upon discovery, will inevitably lead to my demotion, imprisonment, or at the very least a serious reprimanding from the cat of nine tails - none of which I anticipate with any joy. Is it morning?
  • Bea and Nathan discussing spontoons:
Bea: You're going to defend me with a stick!?
Nathan: It's not a "stick". It's a spontoon.
Bea: You're going to defend me with a spontoon? Get your gun. I'll take the spontoon.
Nathan: You're not touching my spontoon!