Funny / The Crow

  • The initial minutes of confrontation with Funboy, especially Eric's deadpan reaction to being shot.
    Funboy: (having just seen a bullet hole in Eric's hand seal itself) Jesus Christ!
    Eric: Jesus. Christ. Stop me if you've heard this one. Jesus Christ walks into a hotel..."
    Funboy: (beginning to panic, shoots Eric at point-blank range)
    Eric: (deadpan) "Ow."
  • When Skank is the last one left alive he tells Top Dollar the events leading to T-Bird's death. Most of it sounded like he was grieving but he was talking so fast and incoherent it was hard to hear all of it aside from a few words. Top Dollar later Lampshades this:
    Top Dollar: We oughtta videotape this and play it back in slow motion.
  • After Eric had broken into Albrecht's apartment, they are talking to themselves, before Eric goes to leave, he gives us a great gem:
    Albrecht: Are you gonna vanish into thin air again?
    Eric Draven: I thought I'd use your front door.
  • Two cops are sitting around in their cop car:
    Cop #1: Got that cream stuff? I hate this, they can't even call it cream legally.
    Cop #2: (T-Bird drives by at full speed) What the crap?
    (Cop #2 takes off, spilling Cop #1's coffee down his front)
    Cop #1: Aaaaaaaaagh!
    • What makes this more funnier is that after Skank is killed, the same cops pull up to Club Trash and the cop who gotten the coffee creamer all over, now goes "What the crap?" when the body drops upon their car.
  • Top Dollar's line right before the final confrontation.
    Top Dollar: Quick impression for you: "CAW! CAW! BANG! FUCK, I'M DEAD!"
  • When Eric is shot in the church, he at first just chuckles. Then he realizes his Healing Factor isn't working and mutters "Aw, fuck" before collapsing.
  • "You do realize smoking is bad for you?."