Tear Jerker / The Crow

It's a Tear Jerker from the beginning to the end.

The comic

  • Eric's farewell to Sherri in the comic...actually, pretty much any scene with Sherri in the comic.
  • The letter by John Bergin that acts as the introduction for the graphic novel.
    At least take this lesson from The Crow: Think about what you have to lose. If you are someone who has nothing to lose, then you are already here...and your lesson is a much more difficult one.
  • The love story of Eric and Shelley, and arguably the whole story on one level.
  • In regards to the Trust Obey soundtrack, the song "Sleeping Angel (The Dreaming)" is heartbreaking.

The movie

  • The dedication card at the end of the movie. Christ.
    For Brandon and Eliza.
  • From a production standpoint, Brandon Lee's death is an obvious one. However, a special mention has to go to Michael Massee, who played Funboy. He was the one who used the faulty gun prop that killed Lee. He had to deal with Linda Lee Caldwell's grief, he quit acting for a year, and still has nightmares to this day about the incident.
  • Eric and Shelly's death scene itself. Eric and Shelly are so in love it's almost sickening. Shelly was just 12 hours away from getting married. Her involvement opposing tenant relocation comes back to bite her in the form of T-Bird's Gang. They trash her house, beat her and rape her, all with the intention of putting enough fear into her to make her leave her home. Then Eric shows up which turns an already bad assault into murder. What makes it especially heartbreaking is they were both murdered at the height of their own personal happiness.
    • What makes it even more sad is, as soon as Eric comes back from the dead, he has no idea of his empathic abilities to touch items and people and see what happened in the past. So upon going home, where his and Shelly's murder took place. He relieved the entire thing one brief flash at a time.