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Funny: Team Knight Rider
  • It is great when the team starts talking to a kid who thinks they should be superheros.
    Kid: So, why aren't you wearing uniforms like real superheroes?
    Erica: They're really uncomfortable.
    Kid: But Power Rangers always wear their uniforms.
    Erica: We'll work on it, OK kid? Enough about the damn uniforms.
    • Duke handled things with the kid pretty well.
      Kid: Do you have superpowers?
      Duke: No.
      Kid: Secret identities?
      Duke: No.
      Kid: Do you wear capes?
      Duke: No... but, we do have cool cars.
  • Unlike the original KITT, the new cars aren't programmed for "heroic self sacrfice". Which leads to humorous results.
    Erica: Shouldn't you be programmed to happily sacrifice yourselves for the team?
    Dante: Was that supposed to be funny?
    Domino: Are you out of your mind?
    Plato: Give me a break.
    Kat: No way!
    • Thanks alot guys.

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