Funny / Teletubbies
Even she thinks it's funny!
Despite the show being for a very young audience, Teletubbies can be legitimately funny at times.

    Original series 
  • "The Chair" from "Flamenco Dancing" has a scene where a voice trumpet tells Laa-Laa to sit down and stand up repetitively. Eventually, it gets too fast, and Laa-Laa just yells "Bibbaly Cheese!" and walks off with the chair in hand. The voice trumpet still continues to issue commands throughout all of this.
  • "Good Morning" starts off with the Teletubbies eating Tubby Toast when the Magic Windmill starts to spin. Instead of stopping as usual, they finish thier food as quick as they can before finally starting the episode's Tummy Tales segment.
  • One part in "The Tubby Toast Accident" from "Orange Picking" has Noo-Noo spinning around trying to catch the falling Tubby Toast.
    • There's also the fact that Tinky Winky somehow got Tubby Toast all over himself.
  • In "The Tubby Custard Cloud" from "Swimming With Stephanie", there's a part where the narrator says "The Teletubbies found it kind of inconvenient to have a cloud around". Afterwards, you can hear Tinky Winky stumble over the word "inconvenient".
  • "The Giant Tubby Toast" from "Playing With Dough" has the Tubby Toaster malfunctioning once again, this time producing a giant piece of Tubby Toast. Who eats it? Po.
  • In "Throwing Laa-Laa's Ball" from "Colors - Blue", one part has Tinky Winky looking at some blue flowers. The ball then promptly hits him on the head, knocking him over.
  • "Dipsy's Present" from "Christmas Crackers" has the Teletubbies trying to open a giant Christmas cracker. While we never see what's actually inside it, when they manage to get it open, it blows up, sending all of them a good distance backwards.
  • In an attempt to fan down the flames after the "Lion and Bear" controversy, a second version of the Magical Event was made. What did they change? Aside from a few light edits, Wacky Sound Effects were placed haphazardly throughout. It's just as arbitrary as it sounds.