Funny: Superman vs. the Elite

  • The cheesy Superman cartoon at the beginning of the film.
    Lois: Wow. Never occured to me that the S stood for "silly".
    Clark: It wasn't that bad!
    Lois: When have you ever said "Crime doesn't pay"?
    (Clark awkwardly smiles)
    Lois: *Sigh* Well, you can take the kid out of the corn field...
  • Lois Lane getting kicked out of the British intelligence office.
    Lois: I got the message, agent Double-o-Useless!
  • Menagerie's inability to stay focused whenever Superman is around.
    Manchester Black: Pam, I'm handing out ultimatums, please keep it in your pants.
  • Black Comedy for sure, but there's something incredibly funny about Superman pimpslapping Black.
  • This exchange between the Elite as they prepare to take on Superman
    Coldcast: I call kneecaps.
    Hat: Spine.
    Pam: Other.
  • Superman's reaction to Pam's surprise kiss. Followed immediately by Lois' pissed off reaction.