Nightmare Fuel / Superman vs. the Elite

"This isn't you, you don't do this!"
"I do now."

  • Superman's entire means of dispatching the Elite. Even when it turns out Superman didn't actually kill any of them, and managed to avoid the apparent collateral damage to the civilians of Metropolis, the ways he made it look so convincing are terrifying.
    • A simple poison dart, and he puts Pam in so much pain that her heart stops. In a single kill, he proves how much harm a single being can do when armed with a fortress full of doomsday weaponry.
    • Vulnerability to magic? Hat tries to exploit that. Superman's response is to rip the air out of his lungs to the point that he can't even breathe, much less say his magic words.
    • He mocks Black with the whereabouts of Coldcast. Where is he? Heading for orbit at Mach Seven. For those unversed in such measurements, that means he's exiting Earth's atmosphere at over five thousand miles per hour. He says, quite simply, "If you had super-hearing, any second now, you'd hear the 'pop.'" Thus is the realization: if Superman wanted, he could carry most of his opponents to death.
      • Special note is the slight pause and emphasis on the word "pop" that Superman gives, see the page image. In truth, Coldcast is alive and incapacitated, but Superman made it seem like he "heard" everything and delighted in it.
    • Superman's Evil Laugh is the one terrifying thing that tells anyone that they will die in the most horrifying way possible.
    • The fact that this is George Newbern somehow makes all of this worse. This is the Justice League Superman. This is the man who delivered the "World of Cardboard" Speech. The way he delivers the every bit of dialogue is made that much worse and chilling.
      • Even better, it's also the voice of Sephiroth, one of gaming's most iconic villains, and Newbern even used the voice he gave Sephiroth while doing the scene!
    • The worst part of all this? Superman displayed Batman levels of planning on how to permanently, lethally take down his enemies. And if you know Batman, the implication that Superman has all these contingencies in his head is terrifying.
  • The realization by the members of the United Nations that after being 'killed' by the Elite, it's not Superman anymore. He was more than just a Flying Brick: he was a set of ideals for humanity to aspire to. Stripped of those ideals, he's a morally-unrestrained demigod that terrifies some of the most influential people on Earth with nothing more than a few sentences.
    Female UN Staffer: Is... is that Superman?
    Male Staffer: Not anymore...
    • And during his confrontation with Black, he doesn't bother with limiting collateral damage. He hits the ground like a meteor, and then effortlessly dodges most of Black's attacks to the point that his super speed turns into Flash Stepping. And then he lobotomizes Black. Even after taking the biggest hit Black could throw at him, it took almost nothing to focus his heat vision into a scalpel into a meta-gene boosted human and cut out what made him so special.note 
  • The realization that Superman created a whirlwind on the moon. It's not sci-fi artistic license: he's moving that fast.
    • Black calculated that the winds clocked in at 500 miles per minute or 30,000 miles per hour. Nothing on any planet in the Solar System even comes close to that. The Elite should be thankful Superman only did that on the Moon- winds like that on Earth would be enough to instantly create apocalyptic firestorms, continent-drowning tsunamis, and would erode absolutely everything in their path. Forget carrying his enemies to death. Superman could trigger the apocalypse just by flying fast enough.
    • What's even worse: It seems that what he did was cause it with his mind.
  • The Atomic Skull's murder of innocent people. They're scared, they're glowing, and then crumble to dust.
  • The brutal methods used by the Elite to dispatch enemies are pretty horrifying, which include telekinetically breaking bones, being fed to carnivorous monsters and dragged screaming into black holes of death. What's worse is the Elite's callous disregard for life;
    Menagerie: (pointing to a small, bloody chunk on Hat's shoulder) You've got terrorist on you.
    Hat: (casually flicking it off) Ick.
    • What's scarier? At first, the Elite were mostly targeting terrorists and criminals. As the film goes on, they begin to target government officials and other high-ranking figures. The film strongly implies that the Elite would eventually target anyone who breaks the law, or opposes them.
      • And they already did. They wanted to kill Superman simply for disagreeing with them.
    • The Elite revealing they slaughtered the leaders of Pokolistan and Bialya and are essentually planning to let the countries 'start from scratch'. Two nuclear capable countries. There are so many ways that could end badly.