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Funny: Streets Of Rage Saga
  • Cygnus Threshold: What's Busta's response to Beano's fate of being impaled by a surfboard whilst in the midst of a char chase with Adam and Axel in hot pursuit?
    Busta: Wipe-out.
  • Origins, the second story in the saga, has a scene where Blaze invokes Distracted by the Sexy on two security guards at the facility she and Axel are infiltrating.
    Guard 1: Hey, wait up, honey!
    Guard 2: You crazy? Mr. X will chew you a new asshole if he catches you gone.
    Guard 1: It'll only take a minute.
    Guard 2: Mr. X—
    Guard 1: F--- Mr. X!
    Guard 2: Nah. I'm with you. I'd rather f—- her. Come on.
    (Axel proceeds to sneak up behind both of them and knock them unconscious)
    How could men be so stupid?

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