Tear Jerker / Streets of Rage Saga

  • Dr. Zan's death via Mercy Kill in The New Syndicate.
    Dr. Zan: (whispering) Do it for me...
  • Rudra reveals that she's Not So Stoic in Shadow Hand...via a tearful breakdown at the fact that she's just been reunited with her long-lost older brother Shiva.
    • And they both share a collective tearful reunion in Chapter 21 when she reveals her true identity to him properly.
  • Blaze suffers a miscarriage at the end of Duality.
    Axel: You know, Blaze...you look lovely.
    Blaze: (beat) I don't feel lovely.
  • Adam's death scene in Behind the World.
    Adam: It's been...fun...oh, my...