Funny / Strange Brew

  • This movie is just too funny to pick out a certain moment, so where to start? How about The Mutants of 2051?
  • How Brewmeister Smith treats Claude.
  • Claude's ridiculous level of incompetence as a criminal results in some hilarious moments. Like when he shoots Ted in a moment of panic, and his sheer idiocy when being interviewed by the inspector. Then there's this gem when he's on the stand during the Bob and Doug's trial.
    Claude: It even has a time code on it. And those are VERY hard to fake!
    Judge: For the benefit of the jury, could you please explain the phrase "time code."
    • Smith's facepalm afterward punctuates it perfectly.
  • "Hey, hoser, these are four months old!"
  • The "spitting fight" Bob and Doug get into.
  • Bob and Doug getting creamed during the hockey match with the asylum inmates.
    Doug: Ooohhh... my left nut!
  • Bob and Doug acting as commentators while watching the asylum inmates play hockey.
    • Them inadvertently using the hypnosis synthesizer to start an all out hockey brawl playing the opening theme to The Great White North.
  • Actually seeing what Claude and Smith look like dressed as Bob and Doug.
  • Bob and Doug's dog Hosehead seeing them as giant steaks after they forget to feed him.
  • The entire sequence of the McKenzie Bros. getting arrested after Brewmeister Smith frames them for kidnapping the heiress, Pamela Elsinore. First, the Spinning Paper error, and then Doug starts an ink fight with Bob, and then Doug says that he'll sell cigarettes in the cafeteria while Bob gets raped.
    • Followed by Doug telling the other cons that they didn't request a lawyer, the the others simply calling them liars when they find out otherwise.
  • Bob and Doug's lawyer demonstrates how to handle the press.
    Bob: Remind me to pay his bill on time, eh.
    Doug: Chuck Norris for the defense, beauty!
  • Bob and Doug's hijinks in court, the icing on the cake being Doug's nose bleed.
    Bob: Two bowls of split plea soup to go, eh? (chuckles)
  • Doug "steamrolling" Bob.
  • The lie detector scene.
  • The McKenzie Bros. trying out the electroshock machine.
  • Bob with the hugest Balloon Belly ever.
    "Geez, I gotta take a leak so bad that I can taste it!"
  • Hosehead becoming the Heroic Dog, flying to Oktoberfest with a cape to stop the people from drinking Brewmeister Smith's evil hypnotic concoction.
  • The diver, upon arriving at Bob and Doug's sunken van expecting corpses, finds them casually 'drinking' air out of beer bottles and flashes his badge as if this sort of thing happened routinely.
    • And he responds by showing the officer his driver's license.
  • Bob and Doug's father is voiced by Mel Blanc in one of his last roles, using the Yosemite Sam voice.