Funny / Strange Days

  • After Mace turns the tables on Gant's goons and saves him, Lenny runs back into the room and gives one of them a swift kick in the balls while he's on the ground.
    Aww, that is fucked up, man!
  • Also: "This tie doesn't go with blue!"
  • Lenny runs into his former boss, Strickland:
    Strickland: Nero.
    Lenny Nero: Strickland.
    Strickland: Commissioner Strickland!
    Lenny: See, since you shit-canned my career, I don't even have to call you sir. One of life's small pleasures.
    • Later in that same conversation:
    Strickland: You're a disappointment, Nero. But you know what disappoints me more?
    Lenny: Your sex life?
  • After Mace gets into a sexy dress for the New Year's Eve Party:
    Lenny: Hey, Mace. That dress looks good on you. I, I mean, better than it would on me.
    Mace: Thank you. I think.
  • This Gallows Humor after Max's Face–Heel Turn.
    Lenny: I didn't know you were color blind, Max.
    Max: It was the only way I could stand your ties.