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Funny: Starship Troopers: Invasion
  • The sparring match between Chow and Ratzass. Ratzass is roundly getting schooled by the far more agile Chow, until Ice Blonde flashes him. While this would result in most other men getting distracted and knocked out, this instead fills him with Heroic Resolve, causing him to go Drunken Master on Chow... which ends in them knocking each other unconcious.
  • Daugherty shouting at the John A. Warden as it departs abruptly during their evac mission on Fort Casey.
    Daugherty: Thanks for waiting, Jackass!
  • Holy Man is having an argument with the local Hollywood Atheist (who primarily argues by quoting famous Atheist writers), who snarks that religious men never say anything worth writing down. Holy Man replies with a quote about how men who stare at the abyss are afraid of the light...

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