Funny / Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

  • The very politically incorrect re-programming scene.
    Silica: You have no right to go probing around inside me!
  • When Dagg sport Fantastic Racism when selling stolen crystals.
    Desert Man: You have ze crrrystal?
    Dagg: You Have ze moneh?
    Desert Man: (looking angry)
  • When Silica repairs Arthur after a crash-landing.
    Arthur: What have you done to me? I'm naked! Put me down, you perverted Fem Bot!
    Silica: I was only trying to help. Ungrateful son of a bitch.
    • Later when Silica repairs the cockpit, Arthur complains that she's taking too long. Her face says it all.
  • When Starfly penetrates a robot's head, the robot shoots off its own head.
  • When Han… er… Dagg attempts to plunder the base for crystals.
    Dagg: Damn, they’ve stenghtened the access door. Do you have any bright idea on how to get through that door?
    Nr. 3: Sorry sir. I’m programmed for tactical, not engineering.
    Dagg: Bargain robots, damn! - He then notices a cargo ship in the air - Arthur! Get off your butt and fly underneath that transport ship, and no back-talk!
  • This gem from the Jabba the Hutt expy.
    "Dagg, one of my nosy men says he saw you with a young boy this evening! My girls do not excite you anymore?"