Funny / Stand and Deliver

  • Angel telling the school district officials he cheated by stealing the answers from the mailman after strangling him and that his body is now "decomposing in his locker".
    • What makes it funnier is Pancho laughing hysterically at this for a long time.
    • His Annoying Laugh doesn't help much.
  • "On the third day of Christmas a cholo came to me..."
  • Some of the random comments Escalante's students say near the start of the movie. Special mention goes to "Can we talk about sex?"
  • This scenario.
    (Escalante's class is struggling with a math problem)
    (Lupe raises her hand)
    Escalante: Finally, the answer to my prayers.
    Lupe: May I use the restroom?
  • When Angel is the first one to Escalante's class, he looks at the board and sees "CALCULUS" written.
    Angel: What's cal-coo-lus?
  • Escalante's shining moments of snark.
    Secretary: Did you hear? We finally got the computers!