Funny / Spooks

  • 1.05 is probably the only episode where the cast and crew took the mickey a little bit:
    • "Are you a Nazi, madam?"
    • Danny 'investigating' his bottle of Polish vodka, complete with the Spooks spy music.
    • "We could have a club. The 'I ran Sergei Lermov' club."
    • The scene where the entirety of Section D reads the scandalous memoirs at the same time:
    Harry: "Christ.
    Another analyst: "Christ."
    Third analyst: "Christ."
    Yet another analyst: "Christ."
    Danny Hunter: "Margaret Thatcher, page 82!"
    Whole office: "Christ!"
  • Every. Single. Thing. about Ros's scene with Prince Khaldoun in 5.06. From admitting a shameful lesbian porn star past in order to get her hands on his laptop to flashing a pair of bodyguards to explain the noises resulting from his adverse reaction to the knockout drugs she'd dosed him with.
  • In 6.09, the entire team are on the run from a dangerous Irish terrorist who's targeting Harry, may have just been sold out by the British government, and are forced to take refuge in one of Harry's safehouses. Malcolm takes stock of what's available and comes up with a cassette copy of "Led Zeppelin IV". Harry takes a momentary break from his crushing despair to remark, "I've been looking for that."
  • In 7.04, Lucas and Ros call Malcolm to get some info on a bomb they need to disarm; Malcolm runs down the details of the bomb, and finishes up with "Whatever you do, do NOT pull those wires." Lucas then looks up at Ros and says, "And there was I just about to yank them out." There is very little humor in his tone, leading one to believe that he was actually going to do just that.
    • Malcolm then proceeds to tell them that the bomb should be disarmed by microwaving it.
    Ros: "Should?"
    Malcolm: (Beat) Well, I have to admit I've never actually seen it done.
    Lucas: (After exchanging an 'are you kidding me' look with Ros) ...Right. How long does your average Italian landmine take on full power?
  • 7.06, when Michael Sands pays Ros a visit.
    Michael Sands: Officer Myers. I'm told you're the stuff of legend.
    Ros Myers: I'm not Greek, and I'm not dead.
  • 7.08, for all its seriousness, has a pretty good one when the agents figure out that a nuclear bomb is about to be set off in Grosvenor Square.
    Lucas: (To Andrei, a Russian spy) Have you got anyone in Grosvenor Square?
    Andrei: It's the American Embassy, we practically live there.
  • In 8.04, when Lucas Oleg Darsharvin, the man who interrogated him when he was being held by the Russians, into his apartment to talk:
    Harry: Lucas,you invited a man who repeatedly tortured you into your private space. What do you think a psychologist would say about that?
  • In some meta funny, the movie had to reshoot a lot of scenes because Kit Harrington's face kept appearing on Game of Thrones adverts on the buses in the background.