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Awesome: Spooks
  • The "Fuck you, you death-worshipping fascist!" speech in the Series 3 finale, which is also a Tear Jerker.
  • Most of the main characters are Combat Pragmatists and are not shy about showing the viewers how awesome they can be without using a gun or knife. Some examples include:
    • Ros stabbing a Russian hitman to death with a fork.
    • Ros threatening another Russian hitman by knocking him down and pointing a measly pen at his eye.
    • Harry garroting a Russian hitman following him with his tie. In the middle of a busy subway. And not a single person saw him kill the man.
    • Lucas using a thick cable he found as a clothesline to knock a Russian tracker down. And then he steals the tracker's own gun and kills him.
    • Ruth and another man named Deery subduing a French hitman by using quite literally everything around them (an iron, a wooden shelf, a plate shard, squirting a bottle of soap into his eyes...)
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