Funny / Spin City

  • After the Mayor chews out the press in "Meet Tommy Dugan", Mike tries to play damage control. However, the podium had been raised to make it seem like the 6'1 Mayor isn't as tall as he usually is, making 5'4 Mike impossible to see.
  • In 'Deaf Becomes Her'. Mike tackling the bogus sign language interpreter after a full minute of pantomime and robot dance.
    Mike: You can speak!
    Marlee Matlin: (sarcastic) No. You're hearing things.
  • Paul plays Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. In all its glory.
    Regis: (after Paul wins the $500,000 quesstion) You're on fire, Paul! What's your secret?
    Paul: I'M GUESSING!
  • The entire episode with Christopher Lloyd as Mike's "mentor".
  • It's more funny in a Hilarious in Hindsight sort of way, but in Season 2's "The Paul Lasseter Story", the Mayor is trying to write a book by a deadline, and Mike brings in Donald Trump to offer advice. Unfortunately, Trump's advice is more self-serving than anything else, resulting in Mike making this offhand comment:
    "You should call your next book 'The Art of Not Helping'."