Funny / Soul Nomad & the World Eaters

  • Soul Nomad & the World Eaters has quite a few funny moments, but one good one is right after obtaining Odie. The dialogue options literally read:
    Talk to Grunzford about Tricia
    Talk to Odie
    Go to sleep cuz everyone is stupid
  • Four words: "SHOW ME THE HOTPODS!"
    • In fact, anything with Gig and Hotpods. Heck, anything with Gig, like in Endorph's camp, when he meets Juno.
    • This, made all the funnier by how hammy Gig is about it:
  • Okay, honestly, one of the funniest comes about ten minutes in. The character discovers Gig shares all his/her senses. IF you're a girl...
    • "Wait, even in the bathroom...Lady Layna. I sorta hate you."
  • Some of Gig's dead-pan reactions to Levin and Danette barreling off-screen:
    Gig: "There they go, like a couple of gold-medal sprinters at the Special Olympics."
  • Juno gets a lot of funny points for having the most ridiculous reaction to a kidnapping:
    Juno: Give him back! Give us back our Penn!
    Revya: It's not like we even want him.
    Juno: What...? You kidnap him, and you don't even want him? What's wrong with him!? He's cute! Everyone should want to kidnap him! You'll pay for not wanting to kidnap him!
  • In one of the optional conversations with Levin and Vitali, the latter explains that:
    Vitali: In some countries, [Euphoria's] cooking would qualify as a biological weapon.
  • After getting Trish into the team, you're treated with this:
    Gig: Don't get your panties in a knot! Since when am I an 'opportunity' to 'help others'? Lame. Keep taking like that, and I'll choke you while you sleep.
    Tricia: Choke me? But... then I might die.
    Gig: ... Lemme kill her. Please, just this once.
  • Danette asks Gig about the weaknesses of the World Eaters. His response?
    Danette: Really?
    Revya: No, he stole it from somewhere.
  • This particular Superman Shout-Out had people in stitches:
    Odie: What's that up in the sky!?
    Rockum: Gyarahga! (Dat's a bird!)
    Sockum: Kryuruku! (It looks so plain! Teehee.)
    Odie: No! It's the legendary dragon, Sluperam!
  • The Demon Path, along with all the completely necessary violence and carnage, gave us the BFF Empire. The most evil empire in history is named Best Friends Forever Empire.
    Gig: I told you! It's the BFF Empire!
    Lobo: Listen, Gig, pal...I don't wanna be the one to say this, but...the name
    Pinot: It sucks. It sucks hard.
    Gig: You shut your mouth! I don't need some flying midget girl telling me what's cool!
  • After Danette gets the group caught Revya can't help but comment:
    Revya: More like Dumbette.
    Dumbette: Awww...that's not nice!
  • Asagi's appearance if you beat Feinne at the start of the game. All of it.
  • Early in the game, when Gig finds that Danette can now hear him, does his usual hammy introduction and, Danette can't remember his name and starts calling him "Gag, Gank?" Gig declares that Danette is the dumbest person he's ever met and starts using his "Stupid Cow" nickname for her, and Danette argues that she's not dumb, she's just has a problem with names. Gig's response is "No, the problem is you're a retard."
  • In the Normal Path ending, after Gig's Heroic Sacrifice, we are left with the image of Danette crying, begging for him to come back and the staff rolls... and The Stinger kicks in. Gig decides to come back to meet Revya and Danette again... by starting the game again, complete with him typing his name and choosing his gender!
    ???: Which gender would you like to be?
    Gig: A freaking guy, of course!
  • The Danette ending, which has an angry Gig walk in demand Danette tell him what she did with his hotpods, and Danette of course didn't do anything. Gig gets annoyed with her "You in there" nickname, pointing out he's not "in there" and has his own body, and Danette says she'll stop calling him that if he stops calling her "stupid cow." He refuses.